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Get 1 Click Video Ranker: http://spencercoffman.com/Video-Ranker Rank your videos and get more views on your website with this amazing plugin. 1 Click Video Ranker will help get your videos found. It will also bring more traffic to your website and help retain visitors.

This plugin is easy to use and works automatically on your website to index and submit your videos to search engines so they will be found. In addition, it also creates and submits a sitemap so that all of the videos will be recognized as videos in search results.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself. This plugin is highly worth it.



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Hello this is a review for the one click video ranker this plug-in is amazing and it is great to have if you have any YouTube videos on your site so what it does is it within each post of your YouTube videos it will put a little extra box down there that grabs the video link the description the keywords the meta text and it appends that with your video posts so that Google can instantly find your videos in the search results so what you’ll do after loading it up is go here to the options page and you’re gonna paste in your Google API key then you’ll have this little button if these are default automatically checked you’re gonna want to leave them checked Auto scan new posts and pages for videos that means anytime you post a new page or a new post one-click video ranker is gonna automatically scan that and if it has a video it’s going to add that information then the next thing is include publication date and the schema code this is important because then Google will know that you’re continually updating your site with new videos now this plug-in one-click video ranker is used excellently in conjunction with the one-click video site builder they’re both created by the same person they were created to work together however if you don’t have the site builder you can still use the click video ranker it will help you with ranking your videos so once you’re done with this yet save settings you’ll see it was saved then we can go back here to the admin area and this is where you can see if let’s say you currently have a whole bunch of videos on your site it’ll have a generated a video sitemap for you which will be a links to all your videos and you can check all the posts and pages that haven’t already been checked so if you already have let’s say 20 videos on your site you load up this plug-in you’re gonna want to hit this check button here and it’s gonna scan your website and it’s gonna find any posts and pages that have videos and it’s gonna throw the one-click video code right on there so you see here we have found five videos that didn’t have it on there that are on there now so if we go to posts all posts you can see here that there are five videos now these videos were added with the one-click video builder and if you saw my other tutorial or my other review of the one-click video site builder you will see when I added these so now what we can do is here hit edit on one of them and we’ll scroll down and see all the way down here that we have the enable one-click video ranker for this posting page and the video information is all filled out automatically when we hit that Scan button it’s scanned in all of this so it has the video thumbnail URL that’s from YouTube so this is the YouTube link it has the video title the entire video description is pasted in here the video URL and the duration now if any of this happens to be wrong which it very rarely is because it grabs it right from YouTube you could change it and update it in your post so this is a cool plugin that’s all there is to it anytime you add a new video post or a new video from YouTube on your website this one-click video ranker will find this information now sometimes you may add a new video and this these lobby blank if that is the case you simply have to click this find video info and this will spin for a little bit and it will go to YouTube and automatically retrieve all of the video information and update your entire post so you can see here it is found and it has updated your post to reflect this and that is it that is the one-click video ranker plugin I highly recommend it it’s very easy to use it is extremely beneficial to have for your website because it finds all of that information and throws it into meta text which will be found by Google much more quickly than just your general post and this will help boost you in search results and really help your website start ranking especially with videos until next time you

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