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GET LEGAL SUITE PRO: This legal suite review is for a plugin that you can use to instantly generate legal pages for your WordPress website. With only a few simple clicks, you can have your site’s legal pages up to snuff.

Go ahead and take a look at this great plugin to see if it will work for you!



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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going to show you an amazing plug-in called WP legal suite pro this plugin is so cool all you need to do is load it up configure the settings and hit go pretty much and it creates a whole bunch of legal pages for your website so you can have the privacy policy Terms & Conditions anti-spam copyright notice earnings disclaimer FTC etc. all created for your website custom with your site name URLs and everything right in there that are on your website you can put them in the footer or you can hide them in the menu you don’t even need to put them anywhere on your site just as long as they’re there you’re completely legal obviously you might if you’re you know maybe want to check with some attorneys or something like that to make sure but it’s all of the legal documents put on your website so that if anyone comes snooping around they see you have them and you’re good to go it’s a cool plugin to have because you don’t have to pay someone to write them all and they’re written very professionally so to get started loaded up enter in the license key it’s licensed on your site then all you need to do is enter in your site name it pre fills it in for you it pulls it from WordPress support URL so you’ll change those if you wanted to say something different then you can hit one-click legal page this means that you can enable it and it will put all of the legal pages you select so you can choose whichever ones on one page so it would be found on your website slash legal or whatever you choose and it would list them one after another right there I don’t like that I would prefer to have all separate pages so I’m gonna leave that unchecked you could go down here to have the cookie bar enabled or disabled that means that when someone lands on your site a little popup bar will come up and it says by continuing to browse this site you continue or you agree to the use of our cookies you could change that see right here disclaimer text so you can make this say whatever you like you could choose the color button you can have say whatever you like and then select the color they’d click on it and agree I don’t like it because it’s another pop-up in the way I want them to be focusing on my pop-ups of agreeing or signing up to my you know free products or mailing lists etc. so when you’re all done with that you can hit Save Changes or if you didn’t save anything don’t worry about it to get the legal pages created you’ll go over here to the page creator and then you can see here it has all these pages this will create them individually rather than all on one page so all you need to do is check the ones you’d like and you can choose to generate a new page or if you have other pages already on your website you can click this drop down and you see I have a sample page created in a subscription page created so you could choose to add it to that page I would like it to be generating on a new page so it is its own page titled anti-spam policy then when you’re done you hit Save Changes and there we go you see it already created pages so now we have an anti-spam policy page copyright notice we have all of these pages and you can see they all populate right here so you know that they have been created now if you want to view them we can just go to pages all pages and here they are one click they were all created let’s take a look at the copyright notice page and here it is you have the following describes the copyright notice for our sell web domains website and then it has all the information you need right there you see it insert at your website name where appropriate and then it has questions and concerns and then this is the URL used to put in there for your support URL so you can have a support URL typically this could be your contact us page that you could put in there and that is it so that is the legal suite pro plugin that you can get for your website I highly recommend it because for a little bit of an investment and minutes of your time you can have your website be completely legal and have no questions asked it’ll all be there it’s all perfectly done and it’s done in one click highly recommend this plug-in it’s well worth it invested into your site prevent future lawsuits or any problems later again this is not a hundred percent perfect but it’s better than nothing and you definitely need something so go ahead and grab the WP legal suite pro plugin I highly recommend it until next time you

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