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Remove yourself from people finders and opt out of this public record database. Your personal information is all over the internet and is constantly added to public record databases all over the web. If you want to protect your identity then you need to remove it from everywhere you can.

This video will show you how to opt out of the People Finders database and remove your information from the People Finders public record.


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Hey guys today I’m gonna tell you how you can get removed from an online database that houses all of your information from public records so it has your name address phone number etc. you got to get off of that if you want to remain under the radar or invisible online and don’t want random people showing up chocolates are contacting you this website is called people finders you know two people finders com help or just click on the link right down here and then under the video description and it’s really super easy you just have to contact them so you have to go down here to contact how do I remove my information from your website and then hit contact customer care put in right here your name your email address and your message now for the message remove my information from your website now right over here it says we do not accept opt-out requests via mail or email however send this message anyway because then they will reply to you and say please go to such-and-such link and opt-out then you can reply back to them and say you have already done that because we’re gonna do that right here and you would like to confirm that you have opted out from their website and they will either say I can’t do that or most the time they will say yep your information has been removed please allow a few months for it to take effect okay so this is important it’s vital do this even though it says that not to do it right here okay so what you want to do is then please click here and you will fill out the opt-out form we’ll just type in John Smith in Minneapolis Minnesota find my listing now obviously we’re not gonna remove his listing because it’s not us well we can remove this deceased guy this is me then you have to hit this button right here opt out my info so it’s super easy once you find your profile just hit opt out my info brings you right here throw in your email address check the box and it sends up a little CAPTCHA and you just hit your whatever it says to do hit next you got to do another one it verify and there you go so you have to enter your email address they’ll send you an email to verify that you want this to be opted out and then once you hit verify your information will be opted out of the people finders database you

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