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Start sharing your Steemit posts to your LinkedIn network so you can start making more money on Steemit. This will really help you grow your Steemit blog, which will enable you to start earning more Steem Dollars.

Setting up your Steemit account to auto share to LinkedIn is very simple and can be done with the help of a free IFTTT account. You can configure the cross-posting parameters in only a few minutes. Watch this video to get started right away!

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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going to show you how you can automatically share your steam it posts with your LinkedIn network to get started you’re obviously going to need a Steemit account and a LinkedIn account you will also need an account on a cool medium service called ifttt or if this then that to learn how to create that account watch my video it’s very easy once you have that account created you will go to a place here called my applets or applications and then click on new applet ok you see this big green thing down here it looks like a button that you should click on don’t click on it ok instead you want to click on the this section it is a plus sign with this you’ll click on here to setup the trigger since you want a steam it blog there isn’t a steam it icon but we will use the RSS feed and new feed item which means every time something is added to this feed it will trigger your action so you can go here and put in your RSS feed so you want it to be stream Ian dot-com / RSS / app and then your username okay that is very important two things is you want it to be stream Ian calm not steam it calm and then you want to make sure to replace my username with your username if you don’t do that then you’ll end up sharing my content to LinkedIn and I would really appreciate that but I’m pretty sure you’ll want to share your content once you have that set in click create trigger then we will click on the that section to set up our response and we’re going to scroll down to the LinkedIn section and what we’re going to share is a link so we’ll click that and you see the link URL will be our entry URL comment it will be our feed title or I can change that so maybe I’ll say via my steam it blog and then image URL is optional but they will attempt to use the best image if left blank now you’ll see here that there isn’t a spot for your title so what I’m gonna do is in my comment section I’m gonna add my entry title so now it will put the title of my blog post via my steam it blog so that might sound goofy so you could just get rid of this and have your title there so then it would be the link in the entry title I think that’s what I’m going to do and then hit create action then you’ll see here if a new feed item happens on stream Ian’s share a link on my LinkedIn profile click finish and you will see it is on and it has been completed you made a new applet so that is how you can share things from Steemit to your LinkedIn account automatically when you post a steam it your LinkedIn followers will be notified if you get stuck in any part of this process put a comment down there in the comments I’ll be around to help answer any questions that you may have also subscribe to this channel you can like the video share it with anyone else who may need this help click that little Bell icon to get notified for new videos and new content and I’d really appreciate it if you follow my steam it blog and upload a post here and there this video will be on there so if you liked the video go ahead and upload that post until next time you

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