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Spencer Coffman is a published author of books that span a variety of topics. He is also very involved on YouTube where he creates videos for several different channels. Some of his accomplishments include being an Eagle Scout, champion brick layer, and recognized by the President for his academic abilities. Spencer has 8 academic degrees and several certifications. He is motivated and has a strong desire to help others whenever and wherever he can. Click here to read more about Spencer.

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Money God’s Way: Rich or Poor It’s Up To You Spencer Coffman
The Twelve Apostles: The World’s Most Known-About Christians Spencer Coffman
Two Sets Of Ten A Closer Look At The Ten Commandments Spencer Coffman
The End Times Prophecy A Biblical Study Of What’s To Come Spencer Coffman

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Deception Tips: 101 Cues To Detecting Deception Revised And Expanded Edition - Spencer Coffman

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Start Affiliate Marketing: How To Build Your Business From The Ground Up Spencer Coffman

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Find Us On Pinterest: 5 Steps To Creating An Effective Pinterest Presence Spencer Coffman

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Deception Tips: 101 Cues To Detecting Deception Spencer Coffman

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YouTube Takeover – How You Can Grow Your YouTube Channel Spencer Coffman

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365 Days Of Devotion For Everyone By Author Spencer Coffman

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More Facebook Everything – Likes Shares Comments Friends Followers Spencer Coffman

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Affiliate Marketing Expert How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing – Spencer Coffman

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A Healthier You 101 Powerful Tips For A Fitter Healther You By Spencer Coffman

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Work Less Live More 101 Productivity Tips To Get Things Done Spencer Coffman

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Relax And Unwind How To Organize and Declutter Your Life – Spencer Coffman

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A Guide To Deception By Author Spencer Coffman

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