Understanding the ranking system is an important part of Steemit. It’s helpful to know where you are and where other people are. In addition, once you understand these terms you’ll be a lot less confused when you see them. There are a few different ranks on Steemit that are called the Minnow, the Dolphin, and the Whale. Once you understand the system it’s really easy to remember how it all works.

Watch the video to learn about these ranks. If videos aren’t your thing then check out the transcript below to read all about the different ranks on Steemit.

Minnows, dolphins, whales, oh my! Are we on a blog platform? Or is this a fish tank? Find out what all these terms mean, coming up.

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In today’s video, we are going to talk about three terms on Steemit. They are ranking terms. The Minnow, the Dolphin, and the Whale. Each of these is a specific status on Steemit. You, right now, are most probably a minnow.

That’s why you’re watching this video. This channel is going to help you grow and eventually become a whale. Now, as the progression of the fish goes, so do the progression of steemers.

So you start out as a minnow. You’re a little tiny fish. You start to grow, you start to do things.

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Now, a fast way to grow is by commenting on other people’s posts, upvoting other people’s posts, purchase more Steem so you can power it up into Steem Power to get more influence on voting. Also, get involved in the communities.

In addition, it really helps if you create good valuable content. Don’t simply share things. This isn’t like Facebook or Twitter. It’s not a page where you can spam post all kinds of stuff and hope to make money.

No, you need to create valuable blog posts because this is like your own website. So create some valuable content, share some valuable videos, put your comments under them. People will follow you, upvote you, and you’ll start to grow.

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Minnows start out with a ranking score of about 25 and that goes to roughly, let’s say 40. As soon as you go over 40, or over 45, you are now considered a Dolphin. You’ve grown. You’ve matured.

Remember old-time Pokémon? There are three levels of everything. They kind of went one stage to the next. Steemit is the same way. So now you’ve become a Dolphin. Here at like 45, that goes up to maybe 60 to 65 depending on how much voting power, Steem Power, rank, influence, et cetera you have.

So it can vary. You can be a Minnow and be at 40 if you don’t have a lot of power.

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So that’s why it’s important for you to start powering up and to purchase more Steem. Then power that up into Steem Power.

When your vote value, or your Steem Power, reaches about five hundred, that is the official Dolphin Whale stage.

Because when you hit about five hundred, now your vote value will be about fifty cents or depending on the Steem dollar conversion, it could be about five dollars at the time. We never know because cryptocurrency is always up and down.

Currently, Steem is about six to seven dollars. At one point, it was almost twenty dollars. At one point, it was less than fifty cents. So it’s always growing. This is why it is important for you, if you’re new on Steemit, to buy in now. But don’t buy in with all your money.

Purchase some Steem with partial investment, maybe 30% of your intended stake. In a few weeks, do some more. In a few weeks do some more. Because as the value fluctuates. It goes up and down.

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If you purchase it all now and it goes down you’re gonna feel really bad. If you purchase half now and it goes down you can buy more and you’ll feel good. If you purchase it now and it goes up you can wait, and when it comes down you can buy more.

So don’t spend all your money at once. You’ve heard this, never spend all your money in one place. Buy in increments, power up, and you can grow to a Dolphin really really quickly.

The next step takes a long time. Probably be like a year before you hit the Whale stage. Now, when you get to a Whale, this is the point when you are huge on Steemit. Your reputation score is probably in the 70s. It’s for sure above 65. 65 to 70.

The highest I’ve ever seen is like a 78 to 82. They are Whales for sure. Their Steem Power is in the tens of thousands, they also have tons of SD, their account value is probably over a hundred thousand dollars!

I mean it’s just incredible!

These people really grow.

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Their vote value could be worth like twenty dollars a vote. They also have a fluctuating slider. So if they vote on your post, they may only allocate two dollars to you but if they find another post, if their friend, or whomever, is on Steemit, they may allocate $100 to them on their vote.

So when you become a Whale, you get a lot more options and you have a lot more value on your account. That is your goal. The only way to get there is by posting frequently, getting involved in the community, powering up all the time, and try to buy more Steem Power.

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That is it. Minnow, Dolphin, Whale. Those are your progressions. Your goal is to get to a Whale. I want to hear from you in the comments below about anything in this video or anything on Steemit in general.

If you have any questions I’ll jump in and help you out. Also, read other people’s comments because you’ll learn a lot there, a lot of engagement. In addition, if this is your first time on this channel I want to encourage you to subscribe.

I would love it if you would subscribe. This is about making information known to you so you can make informed decisions about the tools you need to be successful online.

Until next time.


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