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These articles are here to help you improve your SEO so you can get your website found online. Read as many of them as you can and implement as many techniques as possible. Then, feel free to share the articles on your social media sites to help out my SEO as well!

Money & Success

Here are some great money and success articles that will show you how to manage your money and be successful in life. If you don’t manage your money then it will manage you and you will always be a slave to it. Money flows from the hands of those who manage it into the hands of those who don’t. Therefore, manage your money.


These articles will help you control your credit so that you can get it where you want it to be. It is important to be active when it comes to your finances because if you don’t pay attention then you’ll end up paying a lot of money.

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness is important in life. You need to make sure you have good health. Part of making sure you have good health is having good fitness. That means you need to work at it. These articles will help you out with your health and fitness goals.


Check out the different YouTube channels to watch videos on a variety of different topics. Learn how to build and grow wealth, DIY projects around the house, understand body language, feed your spiritual life, and more!

Language Learning

These language learning articles will show you more about what goes into a language than you have ever known. They will also help you learn the different ways to help others learn and assess what they know. Read on and start learning more right away!


Here are some great relaxation articles that are filled with information that will help you relax. Read them and apply the methods within. Then share them with others so they can start to loosen up as well.


These articles will help you with marketing your business so that you can really improve your brand awareness. Marketing is all about consistently putting yourself out there. But where should you put yourself? These articles will show you!

Deception Tips

Learn about different signs of leakage, or unconscious behavior, that may be displayed when someone tells a lie. 


Here are a variety of articles relating to different contests and promotions I’ve engaged in as well as some articles on the general usage of Steemit. Enjoy.

Author Interviews

Learn the stories behind the lives of the authors you read. These Author Interviews will help you learn more about the author so you can get to know them a little more. Read them, read their books, connect with them, I know they’ll love hearing from you!

All Articles

Start reading as many of these great articles that pique your interest! There are articles on a wide variety of topics so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Make sure you share them with your friends so they can learn as well!

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