The concept of being a man is something that has been lost in the last two generations. Men are gradually losing their manhood and forgetting what it means to be men. They are becoming sissies, leaving their families, and getting pushed over, because they are more concerned about their feelings than doing what’s right.

They are becoming spineless and it is as if Caspar Milquetoast is now the norm instead of someone to be laughed at.

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Take The First Step – Become A Man Of God

Tom Brokaw wrote a book called The Greatest Generation and he argued that the men who came back from World War Two were the greatest generation. He said it was because these men fought simply because it was the right thing to do. They weren’t concerned about money, fame, heroism, or anything else. In fact, they weren’t even the best trained, smartest, or most qualified. Yet they stepped forward and did the right thing. I agree with him even though I have never read the book.

Those people were men. They grew up in the great depression era and saw a country being reborn. They watched their parents lose everything and live with nothing. Then, as things were beginning to improve, they saw a nation go to war.

Their hopes were dashed and right as they thought they reached the light at the end of the depression tunnel, it was snuffed out by the Great War. Not only did they see this war, they joined in and fought for their country.

When that door dropped down and those men were ordered to run out and storm the beach they didn’t stand there quivering and complaining. No! They swallowed hard, let out a battle cry, and ran forward.

They had a job to do, and they were going to do it – no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

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These were men who left everything. Their homes, their families, their lives, and more. We are talking about major league baseball players who quit playing ball, the game of their dreams, to go fight for their country.

How many MLB players would do that today? Probably not many. These were men who spent their greatest days fighting and then came back and could no longer play the game they loved. Even the non-athletes came home to a new world.

They were battle ridden, maimed, shell-shocked, you name it. They were torn apart. Cursed with nightmares for the rest of their lives. What did they do?

Did they sit back and collect disability saying poor me? No! They had a job to do. These men got straight to work and began plowing the field. They began building. They worked. And boy did they work hard.

They got up before the sun and went to bed after the sun. They were providing for their families doing what they knew best. They were farmers, blacksmiths, miners, production workers, and tradesmen of all sorts.

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These men had a job to do and they got the job done. They didn’t rely on anyone to take care of them or do their work. Instead, they took care of others as well as themselves. The saying “he bought the farm” came out of that war because when someone died, the government gave the family a plot of land.

In many cases, the men who came back not only lost their friend, but they also worked the friend’s farm to help his family as well as working their own farm to provide for their own family.

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This is what a man is. A real man is someone who works hard and takes care of not only themselves but also others. He does so with a great attitude, strong grit, an iron will, and vast determination.

A man does not take advantage of people or put them in bad situations. A man steps up and gets the job done always doing the right thing no matter the consequences and no matter who is or isn’t watching.

It’s time for the boys of today to become men.

You need to step up or you will get stepped on.

The choice is yours.

Be a man.

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