Facebook and other social media websites were designed to bring people together and to make it easier for people to communicate with each other. What’s even greater is that they have accomplished this task.

You know it’s true. After all, how often to you call or email someone anymore?

Most of the time people simply hit them up on social media. Whether you are sending them a Snap, Tweet, or a message, it is most likely done on social media. Facebook knows this and they have designed a platform with countless ways to communicate and bring people together.

All of the ways to communicate can be condensed down into six main channels and this article is going to outline the six ways to communicate on Facebook in no particular order.

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Sending Messages

Sending messages is a great way to communicate on Facebook. When you send a message it is a note that is only between you and the recipient. It is private. It is a good way to contact someone if you don’t have his or her email address because it is basically the same thing as sending someone an email.

One thing to consider is that if you send a message to someone that isn’t your friend, it will go to a separate mailbox that is hard to find. Therefore, he or she may not see the message. If you do this, make sure to post a comment tagging this person telling them you sent a message. That way they will know to check their hidden inbox.

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The act of tagging someone simply alerts him or her to the fact that you posted something. Often times, your friends will be notified of your post anyway but if you want to be certain that someone sees your post then tagging them is a great way to do this. It is very easy to do. All you have to do is start typing that person’s name and then click on it when it pops up.

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communicate on facebook tag someone spencer coffman

Facebook only allows you to tag the people with whom you are connected. That means your friends, fellow group members, or people with which you have already communicated. When you tag someone, whether it is in a post, photo, note, comment, et cetera, that person will receive an additional alert telling them that you tagged them in your post.

Most of the time, this will inspire them to click on the notification and take a look at your post. You must be careful when tagging people because if you do it too often or tag lots of people in one post they may become irritated with you.

People don’t want to be tagged merely because you want to show them something. They want to be tagged when and only when your post is relevant to them. Therefore, use tagging wisely.

communicate on facebook tag friends spencer coffman

Post On Their Timeline

Posting on someone’s timeline is another good way to communicate with someone on Facebook. Keep in mind that when you do this, the visibility of your post will depend on the privacy settings of the person to which you are posting.

In other words, if you are posting on Joe’s timeline and Joe has his privacy settings set to make posts visible to friends then your message on Joe’s timeline will be visible to his friends.

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communicate on facebook post on timeline spencer coffman

Posting on someone’s timeline is very easy. All you need to do is navigate to his or her profile and type your message in the box that says, “Say something to [NAME]…”

If by chance, you don’t see that option then it means that that person has disabled the option to allow others to post on his or her timeline.

As always, be careful what you are sharing on other people’s timelines. Remember, you are putting it up there for their friends to see. That means you are acting as a representative of who they are. Be careful, because if you post something that offends them, or that they don’t agree with, then they will delete your post. In addition, you may lose them as a friend.

Instant Chat

Chatting with someone is an excellent way to communicate. The only catch is that you both have to be on Facebook at the same time. The conversation that you have with each other will be completely between you and that person.

This is very similar to sending a message. In fact, when you are finished with the chat, your conversation will appear in your inbox as if you were messaging that person.

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communicate on facebook instant chat spencer coffman

There are two different ways you can initiate a chat. The first one is by using the chat box that is always on the right side of any Facebook screen. You will see a list of some of your contacts and a little “new message” icon.

To start chatting, simply click on someone’s name or use the search box to find the right person. If they are not available for live chat, then your text will be sent to them as a message. Another way you can chat with someone is by sending him or her a regular message.

If they are online, they will be notified and may reply back to you. If they do, then you can continue the conversation as if it were a chat session.


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Commenting is a great way to communicate on Facebook. When you comment on something, everyone involved in that post will be notified. That means the person who posted it as well as anyone else who has commented on it.

Therefore, you are communicating with everyone as a whole. If, however, you want to notify a specific person you can do that in one of two ways. You can either tag them in your comment or you can reply directly to their comment so that they will be notified.

If you want to show the post to a friend of yours that hasn’t seen it then you can bring them into the conversation by tagging them in your comment. Now they will be notified of what is happening.

As you can see, commenting is a powerful way to communicate on Facebook because you can keep the discussion going on indefinitely as long as there are people involved. This is a great way to build authority and get more recognition. The more people involved, the more popular the post.

communicate on facebook share post spencer coffman


When you share something on Facebook there is a good chance that many people will see that post. If you share it to someone’s timeline, then that person and their chosen network have the opportunity to see that post.

If you share something to a page, then anyone who follows that page may see that post. In addition, if you share something in a group then any member of that group can see that post.

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communicate on facebook share a post spencer coffman

You also have the option to share something on your own timeline for people to see. If, however, you wish to share something privately with someone, then you can share it with him or her via a private message so only they can see it.

Sharing is a pretty cool feature and is a great way to boost a post and get some activity. The more shares a post has the more people will see it and the more traffic that post will receive. If enough people interact with that post, then Facebook may even start sharing it for you!


As you can see, Facebook was designed for you to communicate with your friends. The six methods shown above pretty much cover any variation of communication. Therefore, get on Facebook and start sending messages to your friends. Tag them in some posts, write on their timelines, chat with them, comment on their posts, and share things with them.

Start being a little more active on Facebook and you will find that as your involvement in other people’s lives increases their involvement in your life will also increase. This is a very big deal, especially if you plan to market on Facebook or raise awareness for a cause.

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