During the cold and flu season as well as other times of sickness, people are always looking for good ways to boost the immune system. In fact, some people will try anything seeking out the latest fads and gimmicks all so they can avoid becoming ill.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to make sure that you stay healthy all year long. What’s even better is that it is pretty easy and doesn’t really take any extra time, work, or effort. It’s the simple idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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There are several foods that can help boost your immune system. However, the main thing is to make sure that you are eating enough good food in general. You cannot be malnourished and must have regular or semi-regular eating habits. This means that you need to follow a healthy diet that is vegetable rich and low in carbs, sugars, and processed foods.

Make sure you are getting enough probiotics from dairy and other fermented foods as well as a good source of protein. All of these are essential to your nutritional and health needs. You also need to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. This is more than food and involves the mind and physical body as well. The book A Healthier You is filled with excellent information on this. Be sure to check it out.

Once your regular diet and lifestyle is complete, then you should start adding some citrus to your diet. This is especially important during the cold and flu season and when you start to feel like you may be coming down with something.

Foods like limes, lemons, and cantaloupe are great food sources to give your immune system the boost it needs to fight off an attack. You can eat them in the raw form or choose to drink the juice with a little honey, which is also great for the immune system.

In fact, taking a few tablespoons of honey and mixing it with five ounces of lemon juice is a great way to stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Simply pour a few shots of lemon juice into a glass and add the honey. Then stir it up and start drinking. Do this three times a day when you feel like you are getting sick and within a week you should be feeling much better.

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In addition, eating foods like flax and fish are also an excellent way to boost your immune system. They are filled with omega 3’s and 6’s, which really help your body in so many different ways. There are so many more great foods that you can use to help keep your body running in tip-top shape. Take a look at this free Superfood Health Chart to see if any of them are good for you!

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