Using social media to convert followers to sales is a long-term plan. It is a slow and steady process that starts out with having an excellent social media presence. In addition, you must build a loyal and trusting group of followers. That’s the hard part of the process and it will take the most time.

Once you have a loyal fanbase, converting them to paying customers is only a matter of time. If they trust you and are engaging with your posts then they are ready to pay you for more. Therefore, using social media to convert followers to sales is a matter of three simple steps.

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Step One – Get Your Followers To Interact 

Interaction is the most important part of a following. The more interaction you have the better your business will perform. If you can get your followers to start engaging with your content then you will know they are ready for the next step. How do you get your followers to engage with your posts? Simple, start posting things that are interesting to them. Ask for their advice and opinions regarding certain things within your business. People love to feel like they are a part of your choices. In addition, asking for their input will help build trust because they will feel like they matter to your on a deeper level than merely a number for your statistics.

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Create some discussion with your followers and value their input. Take the time to comment on posts and show people that you are active on your social media. Of course, you are active. However, the mentality of your fans is “if it wasn’t on social media then it didn’t happen.” Therefore, make yourself known on social media. Collect their ideas and then put them into action so that everyone can see that you listen to them. This will help them trust and like you. It’s about building respect. If they respect you, they’ll want to support you.

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Step Two – Offer Them A Great Deal

Once you have earned their trust and respect, notice I said earned, it isn’t going to be easy and it will take time. Then you can work on converting them to a paying customer. To do that you simply need to post things that interest them. If they are interested in what you are posting then the odds of them making a purchase significantly increase. In addition, the odds that they will share it and interact with it also increase. Therefore, you must be posting things that interest your followers. If you need some free stuff to share with them, feel free to share the free stuff on my website!

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You already know what interests them because they have hopefully interacted on some of your posts. If not, there was a reason they began following you. Find out what that reason was and you will know what interested them when they began to follow you. Simply post more of whatever that was to keep them interested. Once you know for certain what that is, find something that you can offer to them for a great price. Make them feel like you are offering it to them only. Since they are such great followers you are going to give them a special discount if they purchase something.

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Step 3 – Make It Scarce

Once you have baited the hook with a great product that interests your fans, you need to make it scarce. Scarcity is one of the best motivators. Tell your followers that this offer isn’t going to be around forever. Make sure they know that you are offering them a special price that isn’t available to everyone else. In addition, for them to get this special social media price they need to take action right away. You can’t afford to have everyone taking advantage of this great deal, so tell them that in a few days you are going to bump the price up to regular retail. This will help your followers make that impulse decision to buy thereby converting them into a paying customer.

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As you can see, the process of converting social media followers to sales is a relatively simple one. All you need to do is build their trust and make sure they are interacting on your posts. Then, offer them a product that you know will interest them. Make sure you offer it at a special price that is available only to them and that they know the price will go up very soon. Making it seem scarce will help push them to make that impulse decision to buy your product and convert them from a follower to a customer.

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