If you are looking to get more website traffic then you need to be willing to do a little bit of work, or maybe a lot of work depending on how much traffic you would like to receive. Below are my top 3 tips on how you can get massive traffic to your blog or website.

Tip 1 – Provide Valuable Content

The first tip is pretty basic, but it is the MOST important thing that you can do to get people to visit your website, stay there, and share your content. In order to make that happen, you need to provide good valuable content. No one is going to visit your site if it is filled with useless information.

Therefore, make sure you are publishing content that people will actually want to read. Make sure it is unique and provides your readers with some valuable insight. If you can provide them with exactly what they are looking for then they will be happy to continue to return to your site and continually share your content on social media.

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Tip 2 – Leverage Linking

The second tip requires a little bit of effort and has two steps within it. The first part of this tip is that when you write your content, you need to make sure to include links to other valuable information. Ideally, you should link to as many other places within your website as possible. It is also good to link to external content that is related to your content because then you know your readers will be interested in it.

When placing links, don’t simply link to some random text. Instead, give a shout out to whatever it is you are promoting. For example: for some help on writing your own press release check out this great guide. This way, people have an idea of what they are going to see when they click on the link.

When deciding how many links to place within your content, use a ratio of about 100:1. That means for every 100 words you should have 1 link. Since good articles on your site should all be around 1500 words, you should have roughly 15 links within your post. Of course, your posts may vary and you don’t have to follow this but it is a good guideline.

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The second part of this tip gets a little more involved. Now that you have several links in your content, you need to contact anyone you can who is associated with the external sites to which you linked.

That means give them a shout out on twitter, post on their Facebook page, use the contact form on their website or even send them a direct email. Contact them and tell them that you enjoy their posts and have given them a backlink. Mention that they can feel free to share your post if they like it.

Often times, you will get a lot of extra exposure because you are not only telling them but also reaching all of their fans and followers as well as your own. This will go a very long way in helping you get more website traffic.

Tip 3 – Inform The Bots

The third, and final, tip is one that may cost you a little bit of money or a lot of time. However, it is absolutely worth it. Once you have written great content, filled it with valuable links, and contacted any external websites, you need to tell all of the bots out there on the Internet that your post is exists. This is done by using a three-step process which you can read more about here.

The first step is getting backlinks for your post. This means having other people put your link in their content. Fortunately, backlinks can be generated so you can get a head start and not have to wait for people to manually link to your post. If you would like to learn the best way to get high-quality backlinks then check out this article.

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Once you have backlinks, then you need to ping all of them. This means telling all of the bots that your backlinks exist. That will help boost the perceived value of your post. Because if a lot of people are linking to it then the bots reason that it must be good. You can do this yourself on places like PingFarm or Mass-Ping. Both work well and are free to use.

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Finally, you will want to index all of those backlinks. This means telling the search engines that those links exist and having them crawl the links so that they will find your link.

You can do all of this on your own by using a variety of free sites and taking up a day of your time, or you can hire someone to do it for you.


Now you know everything you need to know in order to start increasing traffic to your blog or website. Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort, but within a few months, you will start to see results. You will also notice that other people will start sharing your content because of all the social activity you are doing.

The backlink, ping, and indexing service will give your links the boost you need in order to be found. Therefore, dedicate the time and effort to building your blog to get more website traffic today. Without your work, it isn’t going to grow.

For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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