Natalia is a very cool person. She is full of energy and is very ambitious. She shocked me right away with how quickly she responded to my interview questions and how she provided me with all of the material on the same day!

She is a go-getter, and her track record shows that. Not only is she an author, but she has also worked in the professional makeup/hair/spfx industry for over ten years. She’s worked with some professional photographers, celebrities, music videos, big brand TV commercials, and lots more!

I’m very excited to be able to interview her, and I hope to continue to network with her as time goes on. She’s very connected with social media and loves to interact with her fans.

You can check out her website, her YouTube Channel, like her page on Facebook, and follower her on Twitter. She is also on other social media websites as Colourchameleon or Natalia Zurawska.

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What prompted you to become an author?

I find writing to be very therapeutic. I enjoy teaching people, and this is a great way to communicate with others. The readers can read on their own time and knowledge is a great way to connect with others.

What are your five favorite books, and why?

Catcher In The Rye is one of my favorite books to date, J.D Salinger was much ahead of his time and really liked to push the boundaries.  I enjoy reading about controversial subjects.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts was an extremely life changing book for me.  The book is written by Dr. Gabor Mate who is a doctor for the drug addicted in the DTES in Vancouver. This book explains and helps others understand addiction very well. I would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to know more about this topic.

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  Chelsea Handler’s take on life and family is absolutely hilarious and features her growing up in a very full household with ten other siblings, a Mormon mother, Jewish father and her quest to make it in Hollywood as a comedian.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. I love the “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” and this book is a biography about Kiedis as well as the band.

Diary of Anne Frank is a very interesting novel of survival during the Second World War, written by a 14-year-old Jewish girl who hid with her family along with their close family friends.

Who are your five favorite authors?

Dr. Gabor Mate

J.D Salinger

Orson Welles

Herman Melville

Chelsea Handler (there’s nothing wrong with liking to laugh.)

What inspires you to write about hair, makeup, and beauty?

I love making people feel great.  I noticed a very distinct pattern in what questions my clients were asking, so I decided to put an e-book together, entitled ‘I’m Not Making This Up.’ I love puns, and it is a great way to get people’s attention.

This e-book which is currently available on Amazon features the best makeup tips and tricks I have learned over the years as well as my favorite products which include high-end brands, middle of the road brands, drugstore brands, and all natural brands.

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What’s the story behind your first book?

I was always getting asked the same questions by clients, so I decided to put How To Work With A Makeup Artist together. It is a great way to build relationships and share knowledge.

Learn How To Work With A Makeup Artist Today

Why did you become an indie author?

I find writing very therapeutic and sharing knowledge.

Do you have any advice for other indie authors? If so, what is it?

Don’t give up. Take a break if needed and only get back to work when you are in the mood. It helps tremendously.

What do your fans mean to you?

My fans mean everything to me.  No matter how my day is going, a fan email will always put a smile on my face.

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What is your best, most effective, book marketing tactic?

Networking with beauty lovers and up and coming photographers.  Whenever there is a common passion, great minds come together.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I started working in the fashion industry right after college. I graduated from George Brown College from the Fashion and Marketing Program and got a job with Transcontinental right away, which dealt with Elle Canada, Elle Quebec, Canadian Living, and Homemakers.

I ended up going to a photo shoot for my boss at the time and had no idea you can make a living as a makeup artist. This is how it all began.  I took art classes for many years however there was a social component missing, and this was the perfect career choice for me.

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As you can see, Natalia has experienced a lot and lives a busy life in the entertainment industry. Remember I mentioned she has worked with some of the best international photographers? Here are some of them: Matt Barnes, Ian Campbell, Hill Peppard, Richard Sibbald, David Wile, and Chris Gordaneer.

Here are some of the celebrities she’s worked with: Danny Masterson, Alannah Myles, Alexis on Fire, Dallas Green, Ron Perlman, David Cronenberg, Maestro Fresh Wes, Russell Peters, and Drake.

Here are some music videos that feature her work: ‘Wide Mouth Mason’, ‘K-Os’, ‘Red 1’, ‘Blue Rodeo’, and ‘The Good Lovelies’.

She has also worked on advertising campaigns and commercials for Harry Rosen, TD Bank, RBC, Dentyne, Skittles, Sportchek, CFL, and even the NFL.

Take a look at her website, like her Facebook Page, follow her on Twitter, watch some YouTube videos, check out her Instagram, and, of course, take a look at her Amazon Author Profile.

For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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