My Story

My name is Spencer Coffman, though if you are reading this then you already know that. However, what you don’t know, is how I became what, and where, I am today. Therefore, here is my story in a nutshell. Of course, it isn’t the entire story in full detail because that would simply be too much for me to write, and way too much for you to read. However, this is still a pretty long story, but I promise you will enjoy it. Anyway, here it is from the beginning.

You need to understand that life is a gift that you have the great fortune of living every day. For many people, it takes a near-death experience to realize this. For me, I knew it from the moment I could remember. Before I was born, the doctors thought I was a twin due to my size and the sound of my heartbeat. They later figured out that I was only one baby. Because I was taking so long to be born, and the doctors were not sure if I would survive being overdue in the womb, my mom had a cesarean section to get me out. Obviously, I survived. However, after a couple of months I started becoming really pale, and since I never cried, my parents were concerned.

Upon going back to the hospital, they found out that I had two holes in my heart, one between the atriums and one between the ventricles. I was sent to the Children’s Hospital in the cities where a team of doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, and other support staff was assembled to save my life.

At three months old, I had open-heart surgery. Back then they were not as technologically advanced as they are today. Nowadays, the surgeon can use cameras and long rods and go in through your groin area, your side, and sometimes your armpits. My surgery was done through the chest and I still possess the foot-long scar that continues to grow with me every day.

I recovered well from the operation and grew through infancy like a normal baby. However, when I was four years old I began developing allergies to practically everything. I became sick every time I ate, and could hardly breathe in the spring and fall. I was tested for all sorts of possible allergens and remember going to the doctor’s office and having my back poked all over.

One time, I looked in the mirror and saw twenty or so red spots all circled in ink with letters and numbers by them. The dots were made by something that looked like the inside of a ballpoint pen. If you take the pen apart you will find that little white gear-like thing in the top of the pen, it is what does the clicking. Yeah, my back looked like it was stabbed with one of those things, about twenty times.

As far as the doctors could tell I had no allergies whatsoever. Through trial and error, my mom found out that I got sick every time I ate dairy products. I also showed symptoms similar to those of asthma. I was on all kinds of medication and was put on any new sample products that came out.

Things like Advair, Zyrtec, Allegra, and whatever else the doctor ordered. I was also taking the steroid prednisone and receiving four shots a week. I remember one time I was crying sitting on the doctor’s table kicking my legs and covering my shoulders yelling “No Shots! No Shots!” Even with all of the medication, I was still sick. Yet, the doctors were adamant that I wasn’t allergic to anything.

When I was eight years old my health became worse since there was a wood stove in our house. Needless to say, we soon got a furnace. My mom took me to different alternative medicine doctors and eventually we found out that it was the protein in the diary that I couldn’t digest. All I had to do was take digestive enzymes and I could handle dairy if it was eaten accidentally.

Still, though, I didn’t dare eat it. I was so allergic that if I had a slice of bread with butter it would put me in the hospital. This doctor also recommended that I stop eating wheat. About a month later, I was feeling better. My family tells the story of how they all remember wondering who I was because I was so much more energized and happy.

Even though I was better with food, because I didn’t eat half the food on the market. I was still sick with asthma and outdoor allergies. The natural doctor told us to come in on certain days when this other doctor would be there. He was some kind of electrical energy doctor. We went in and he put some pads on my chest, back, and the sides of my neck and hooked them up to a machine. By the time I was twelve, I was still not any better. I still couldn’t eat certain foods, run, could hardly breathe, and was always sick. My mom had had enough. She found out about a naturopathic doctor about an hour and a half away.

We went to see him and he conducted some tests that were easy and painless, nothing like the normal doctors. I remember being so worried; I had developed quite an aversion to needles, shots, and blood being drawn. The naturopath was different. The tests consisted of a finger prick and some electrical thing that he touched my hands and feet with. He put me on a very restricted diet and a lot of strong-smelling, bad-tasting natural medicines.

My diet consisted of no sugar, processed foods, dairy, or white flour. I could only have two servings of breads, starches, and fruits per day, and unlimited vegetables each day. Meat was allowed, but no pork. I had to take the medicines three times a day. I was a very good patient and I did not find the diet to be too difficult because I grew up not eating most of the food anyway. After a month, I was feeling so much better and therefore had a good reason to continue. It really wasn’t any different than my previous diet and medication, so I could handle it.

At first, I would visit him twice a month for my screening, which consisted of him touching the little electrical thing to the joints on my fingers and toes. Then I went once a month. After a year of the same diet, he said that I was now healthy enough to start adding foods back in and weaning off of the medicines. This went on for one more year and after that, I could eat anything and not have to take any medication. It was pretty amazing, and in essence, I was given the gift of a new life. I was now able to enjoy life and live without the fear and worry of something making me sick.

I remember the first time I tried pizza when I was 14 years old. My family had made some cheap frozen pizza earlier in the day and when I got home there were a couple of slices sitting out on the cutting board. I went over there and took a bite. I couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. I went for the second piece and took a bite. My family came into the kitchen and stared at me as I told them how great this pizza was. They were more in shock at how I thought that pizza was good rather than the fact that I was actually eating pizza. Needless to say, I had many more fantastic encounters with trying food. Things like ice cream, chocolate, fast food, candy, and other things that most people take for granted. I truly felt alive.

The years followed, and I was able to eat pretty much anything I wanted and not have to worry. In addition, I was no longer taking any pills, medications, shots, or anything. I didn’t go to the doctor unless the school required a physical, and was very healthy. I could run a mile in eight minutes, which was something that I could never do before. Before, I practically died when running. Now, I ran everywhere.

Even though I could eat anything, I stayed pretty close to my original diet. Basically, I lost the taste for junk food. Sure, it was good once in a while, but when I ate a lot of dairy, sugar, or processed foods I noticed my body felt different. I became sore or stiff and sometimes felt like I had a cold. It only lasted for a couple of days though. Going on the diet was one of the best things that happened in my life. As I said, I was given a new chance. My old life was gone and I was literally reborn. I had energy, could eat anything and felt like a new person.

What did I do with all of this newness? I began to learn. At age 11 (before the diet) my mom tried to homeschool us. I hated it with a passion and desperately wanted to go back to school to be with my friends. I went back to school in sixth grade and was so bored that I couldn’t stand it. I completed the year, and in 2005, I received the Presidential Award For Academic Excellence.

At age 13 (a year into the diet) I was homeschooled once again, but this time it was my choice. My mom got me curriculum and pilot programs that I could do at my own pace. I worked hard and finished middle school in a year and a half. Then I got healthy and was even more motivated.

Since I completed middle school in half the time it takes everyone else, I decided to kick it up a notch. By age 14 I had diplomas in Professional Locksmithing and Advanced Locksmithing. I continued on with high school and completed that in a year and a half as well and was published in the Who’s Who Registry of Academic Excellence for the 2007-2008 year at age 15.

Also, at age 14, I got my first real job at a local ski hill. By “real” I mean with a W-2 income report. Because I was so busy with learning, and I couldn’t drive, I started out working 25 hours a week. I did that for the first season and really enjoyed it. In the following seasons, I worked a lot more hours, and sometimes I would work ten or twelve-hour days for 40 or 50 hours a week.

During busy times, like holidays and school breaks, I would work 60 plus hours. This was when I experienced my first IRS tax audit. In short, nothing came of it. They simply thought it was strange that a 14-year-old would have a 13k annual income. I ended up having to pay 300 bucks. So be it.

When I was 16, I was still motivated to learn and wanted to do everything I could so that one day I would be able to share my experiences with the world. I went to the local technical college and told them that I was finished with high school and wanted to start taking classes. They didn’t really know what to say. I met with a few advisors and they eventually had me take several aptitude tests.

I passed them all with flying colors and they accepted me as a student. I enrolled in a two-year 40-credit transfer package. I signed up for 18 credits my first semester and went to class while still working an average of 20 hours a week at the ski hills\ and 40 or more hours during school breaks. The next semester I did the same thing, 18 credits, and continued working at the ski hill. I was living.

The following year I met with my advisor about the transfer program and she said that there was a problem. I still had a year of schooling, but only needed four credits to complete the transfer package. She recommended that I start taking technical credits and convert the transfer package into an Associate Science degree. She also recommended that instead of simply taking random technical credits that I enroll in a trade for a double major.

Since I only had a year left my options were welding or concrete masonry and after some thought, I chose concrete masonry. That last year was a lot of work. The first semester I took eight classes for 23 credits and the second semester I took 11 classes for 28 credits. I did this all while still working 30 to 40 hours a week during the winter months at the ski hill.

I was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and while in the concrete masonry program I achieved first place in a local Skills USA bricklaying competition. I went onto the state competition where I also received first place. Then I continued on to the national competition and placed eighth.

I graduated with honors from Alexandria Technical College at age 17 with four semesters on the Dean’s List, an Associate Science degree in Individualized Professional Studies, and a Diploma in Concrete Masonry. Also during my time at Alex Tech, I worked as a student tutor sharing my knowledge with anyone who needed help.

In 2010, I enrolled in Minnesota State University Moorhead. My work at the ski hill slowed down as a result of moving away. However, I still worked there whenever I visited my parents. While at MSUM, my passion for learning with the goal to help others continued. I took an insane amount of credits each semester and was a student tutor and supplemental class instructor, which is sort of like a student-teacher.

I was also a member of the Psi Chi International Honor Society and on the Dean’s List all four semesters. At age 19, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

After graduation, I worked very hard to publish my psychology undergraduate thesis. I conducted an experiment and found new groundbreaking results. I wanted people to read about them and learn. After a year of going through hoops, in 2013 my experiment, Facial Expression: The Ability To Distinguish Between Enjoyment And Non-Enjoyment Smiles was finally published in the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research.

Still motivated to learn and to share my knowledge with others I signed up for even more education. I studied at the American TESOL University with the goal of going overseas to teach English to people in Middle Eastern countries. I became certified to teach English to speakers of other languages for both children and advanced students.

Unfortunately, with all of the wars breaking out in virtually every foreign country, I was unable to get a job. No one was hiring from the outside, only from within. However, after completing a two-year program in only a few months, I was hired by the university to completely rewrite and restructure their syllabi and curriculum. In addition, they had me optimize their online learning platform and make it mobile-ready.

Slightly discouraged that I was unable to complete my goal and still motivated by my main goal to share my knowledge with others, in the fall of 2013, I found a job at a treatment facility for troubled youth. I worked eight hours a day 40 hours a week in an attempt to help the delinquents make sense of their troubled lives.

I treated them like human beings and had a lot of fun with them. I let them tell me their stories about drugs, booze, girls, criminal activities, and pretty much anything they wanted to tell me. I laid things out for them straight and to the point. As a result, the kids really enjoyed it when I was working.

Unfortunately, many of the other staff people didn’t really like me, because the kids liked me. Apparently, they were under the impression that respect was generated through fear. Whereas, I was under the impression that respect was earned through trust.

I was spoken to a number of times about why I thought the kids always requested to be with me on activities. They were concerned that I wasn’t holding them accountable. I tried to tell them that the way to get kids to listen and be better people, is to treat them like people instead of delinquents. If you lock someone in a cage pretty soon they become an animal. 

I had no trouble with the delinquents and they listened to and obeyed me because they trusted and respected me. Not because they were afraid of the consequence I would give them if they didn’t listen. Still, my superiors were condescending. I tried to explain that love and respect are far more powerful motivators than fear and consequence. Needless to say, that didn’t really go over well. People in power like fear and intimidation more than respect.

I worked with the delinquents for about a year. During that time, when my work schedule allowed, I would also volunteer with all the retired people at a local food shelf. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. Eventually, I was offered a job to run the place.

Due to my disdain and always hitting brick walls at the delinquent center I took the opportunity. The guys were happy because they enjoyed working with me, and I with them. I was my own boss and managed 1500 volunteers a year with 40 regulars every week. I operated under the same philosophy that respect is earned. It was amazing; I had a crew of guys that would literally have done anything for me. They would have followed me to the ends of the earth if I needed them to. There was a bond that cannot be explained.

Unfortunately, I started running into a problem at the food pantry similar to the problem at the delinquent center. Apparently, the board didn’t think that a 22-year-old could run a food pantry on his own. So they hired someone to be my boss, then another someone, and eventually another someone.

Throughout the whole ordeal, the volunteers were up in arms and I worked hard to keep them coming in. After a year of being on the payroll with no benefits and dealing with an ungrateful and degrading board, I called it quits. During this time, I experienced my second IRS tax audit.

Apparently, when I was in college I received some scholarships that weren’t taxed. They gave me the option of having the scholarship amount seized or I could send in a check for the income tax of a little over 100 bucks. Of course, I sent in a check.

My experience at the delinquent center and the food pantry taught me one valuable lesson. People are motivated to gain and keep power. What motivates them? Money and, ultimately, greed. The world is so corrupt, that unless you follow along and toe the line you will stick out and get stepped on. People are brainwashed into thinking that they need to work 40 hours a week, day in and day out for 40 years and that someday they will get a retirement.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The reality is that no one cares about anyone else, and if you don’t plan for your retirement then you are not going to get one. Therefore, I set out to go into business for myself.

While at the food pantry I spent my evenings working on handyman projects for the retired volunteers and their friends. In four hours on my own, I made almost twice what I made working eight hours at the pantry. Therefore, when I made the break from the employment I did so with enthusiasm and no concerns. Life was good. 

I was no longer reporting to an ungrateful board, dealing with power-seeking superiors, or trying to survive the nonsense. I was my own boss and I worked for people who worked all their lives and wanted to improve their living conditions. They deserved and were worthy of, my help. Because of this, I charged them half of what normal contractors would charge. They were thrilled and I was happy because I was still making more money than when I was working.

During this time, I engaged in several other self-employment endeavors including selling on eBay, buying and selling at auctions, and even doing some quality control work for Case IH. Life was good. I was making roughly five grand a month and was completely on my own.

I was also able to continue my initial goal of sharing my knowledge with others. I did so by turning one of my college papers into articles and eventually a book. In 2015, I published A Guide To Deception, which is a book that teaches people how to read others and tell whether or not they are lying. I wanted to help people see through all the nonsense that they are constantly being fed every day in the corporate world. I wrote it to be simple, and in the form of a study guide so that people could begin spotting lies in no time at all.

With the self-employment income still coming in, I began to explore the option of buying a house. I was approved, filled out the paperwork, started looking, and then everything changed. My grandfather, ten hours away, was going to get his knee replaced. With winter approaching they were in need of having someone around to help out around the house. After a little thought, I knew what I had to do. 

I quit everything, moved all my stuff into storage, cleaned my apartment, and within two weeks I was homeless, unemployed, and living out of a suitcase in the basement of my grandparent’s house.

While there, I continued to sell things online and started learning about the possibility of starting an online business. I purchased domain names and started building websites. I began signing up for affiliate marketing offers and creating YouTube videos. All the while I was trying to market my book.

I had my hands in about 20 different pies and things were going crazy. I didn’t know what was happening or how any of it was going to happen. I had a good time with my grandparents and enjoyed being with them. However, as my bank account grew smaller I became discouraged with my endeavors. As winter progressed I knew I wouldn’t be at my grandparents forever and that I needed a plan. So I took my papers, tax returns, and statements to the twin cities and met with a realtor about getting a house.

I looked at a few and found one that I really liked and could afford. We set things in motion and later found out that I couldn’t go forward due to not having any income, or rental history, for the past few months. Apparently, quitting everything and living out of a suitcase was not a good move for the future.

With my new business endeavors not going anywhere, money continually leaving my account, and the news that I would be unable to get a house, I began to wonder whether or not I did the right thing. I basically shot myself in more than my foot.

Then I realized how stupid it was to even think that. I was basing what I considered to be the right thing on my bank account. I was thinking like the very people I stood against when I became self-employed. Then I knew for sure that I did the right thing. Money is not something that should have to dictate anyone’s actions.

Unfortunately, that is the way things are, so until you have enough money, it will always control you. I accepted that and decided that I needed to find another W-2 income source so that I could get health insurance and, eventually, a place of my own.

Then, over Christmas, I became deathly ill and was laid up for a couple of weeks. I saw a medical doctor and was placed on some heavy antibiotics. After a couple of weeks, I was still sick so I saw another medical doctor and was placed on more antibiotics. Apparently, they couldn’t find out what was wrong, shocker.

As winter came to a close and my grandparents were doing well, I decided it was time to relocate. I packed up my suitcase and moved from the futon in my grandparent’s basement to the pull-out couch of my friend and business partner. He had ideas and I had ideas, we put them together and my 20 pies became even more. However, I had some help. Together we were doing so many things and getting nowhere fast. On top of that, I was still sick.

I powered through. Together we were building websites with the intention of getting affiliate referrals and commissions. We were also going to perform this service for other people. In addition, I owned over 60 domain names that I purchased with the intent of selling. Then I took those and set up sites on them in an effort to capitalize on the traffic and link juice.

Selling products online was still a prime factor and we were doing many things. Still, the money was non-existent and the motivation was dwindling. Then, one night we watched the movie War Room and I received inspiration for my next book 365 Days of Devotion For Everyone. I stayed up all night writing down topics and began writing content the next day. My initial goal was back in action. I wanted to share knowledge with people, and creating a devotional seemed like a great plan.

I wrote 10 devotionals every day and in 40 days, my book was completely written and ready for publication. I was also trying to keep up with all of the other business endeavors. Eventually, I went to a natural doctor and, in April, received quite the diagnosis. Apparently, I was sick with all sorts of bad stuff.

In short, my cells were not regenerating but mutating. Therefore, instead of re-growing and becoming new cells they were old cells. Basically, my insides were old even though I was only in my twenties. My organs were failing and my blood was filled with bad cancerous cells. I started taking all sorts of pills and, for a month, I felt much better. Then he gave me some sort of drink and it sent me right back. Within three days I felt worse than before we started. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to that doctor.

Instead, I took what I learned ten years before and applied it to my situation. I ordered supplements and started dieting. I started to feel better. I received a W-2 job offer and accepted it. Things were starting to move forward. My business partner and I knew that we were involved in too many endeavors and that something needed to change. We decided to put most everything on hold.

I was going to phase out selling physical products online and he prodded me to clear out my inventory. We decided to stop building affiliate sites for ourselves because driving traffic was proving to be impossible. In addition, building sites for other people was not happening. Buying and selling domain names was also something we decided to stop.

In short, we took our pies and decided it was time to start clearing them out. We were going to focus on selling digital products online. In addition, I would focus on writing books, creating videos, and getting well.

We had a plan. I continued living there and drove an hour each way to work every day. If there was traffic, it was an hour and a half. After a month, I knew this wasn’t going to work, especially with not feeling 100 percent. On top of that, I was now working again. I was back in the situation of working for corruption. Slaving away trading my time for money and money was my master. But, bills gotta get paid, insurance is a law, and medical costs are expensive.

All the while I was still working on my own for 60 hours a week writing eBooks with the goal of helping other people live better lives. I knew I couldn’t give up. I had come too far and put too much into this to stop trying to share my information with others. However, it was becoming exceedingly difficult. On top of trying to get my website going, I was working 40 hours a week and driving for ten or twelve more. I needed to relocate.

So I packed up my suitcase and moved so I was within 15 minutes of work. I stayed on a futon in a spare room in the house of my childhood neighbors. I continued to write books and tried to get my site going. I worked day in and day out for W-2 income trying to close my eyes to all the lies and nonsense that was occurring in the workplace.

It was a means to an end, a necessary evil. It was the only way I could get insurance since Obama Care was such a joke. My devotional was in the works of being published and the publishers had one delay after another. Why was I surprised, they already collected their money so what more did they have to worry about. Everyone is in it for the money and that is my largest frustration. Money, it always comes back to money. I vowed long ago to never be in it for the money. That’s why I sell my books at such a low cost.

Still, sales were not being made, driving traffic still seemed impossible, I was still sick, and my paycheck was getting hammered with mandatory deductions so, by the time I got it, it was half of my gross pay. Then my book got published. It was in print and I received a few copies.

My YouTube video reviews were starting to get views and I was making some ad revenue. On top of that, I was starting to sell eBooks at the rate of one a month. Things were starting to look up. Then I found out that the publisher for my book wasn’t going to place my book in stores. Apparently, they don’t do that and are only a high-end print-on-demand service. My hopes were shattered. 

I had shelled out all that money to hire a real publisher rather than self-publishing and they weren’t even going to get my book in stores. I realized then, that I needed to do it all on my own. The first thing was first; I needed to get healthy. I needed that energy and motivation that fueled my passion ten years before. So I tracked down the naturopathic doctor who gave me a new life.

Fortunately, he was still in the business of helping people get healthy. Seventy years old, and still motivated by his desire to help others. I realized that my passion to help other people improve their lives may have started as a result of his desire to help me. Now, that passion was burning once again.

I was getting well and my website was starting to succeed. I started learning again and enrolled in an Advanced Marketing Course to teach me all about how to market my business online. My eBooks were getting found and I began working on creating all kinds of free material to help other people in any area possible.

I was tired of the mentality of working for other people and the idea that working for 40 years is a way of life. Therefore, when my old business partner asked me to move 4 hours away and house sit for him and his wife I accepted.

In 2017, I quit my job, packed up all my belongings, put them on a UHaul, and moved them into their new house. Even though the majority of my stuff was still packed in boxes and stored in the basement, I was able to unpack some of it and settle into a bedroom of my own. It sure was nice to stop living out of a suitcase!

I lived there for a year working on all of my online endeavors. I also began working on the idea of turning my devotional book into video sermons and starting an online ministry. I created a YouTube channel and named it Social Media Ministries. However, that was all the further it went. I started learning again. I dove into the investment world. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, crypto, you name it, I was in it. 

As time went on, I was headhunted by some business owners about an hour from where I was living. They liked my mentality and initiative and wanted me to run one of their businesses. After a lot of thought, in the Spring of 2018, I packed up everything and moved into my own apartment. They promised to help me promote my books and even help find me a recording location so I could start working on Social Media Ministries.

The next year was a whirlwind. I was involved in running multimillion-dollar tourist attractions in Wisconsin Dells, became an insurance agent, started a hemp growing company, and partnered in several additional businesses that ended up failing. On top of that, I didn’t have a recording location and I wasn’t receiving any assistance promoting my books. 

Out of all of that stress, loss, and hard lessons one amazing thing happened. I met the love of my life and got married! The two of us became more involved with the business owners. However, we weren’t happy. We were also given several false hopes of additional businesses or housing opportunities that never happened. Eventually, we began to cut ties.

We rented a house and started building our life together. Things were progressing. Together, we were paying debt and working as a team. No longer involved with any of the wild ventures of the past year. Even while both of us were working I still managed to continue building my online businesses and growing our investment portfolio.

Then Covid happened and, in 2020, my wife and I both became unemployed. I began buying and selling items online and at auctions once again for some extra income. Fortunately, because of our wide range of skillsets, we were both able to continue making enough money to support ourselves. We also got involved with several local programs to help provide stranded international workers with food and other basic essentials.

I began recording chapters of the Bible on the Bible App and posting them on Social Media Ministries. I thought that even if I wasn’t able to record sermons, I could at least get some content out there. In May of 2020, I was contacted by the creators of The Bible App asking me to remove my content.

Apparently, they had a change of heart on allowing me to use it as my source. Devastated, I pulled the content down. Fortunately, I had only created a few months of content. Still, it was another discouragement in the life of Social Media Ministries.

My wife and I continued to work hard on our multiple endeavors and eventually, I took a temporary job as a Census taker for some extra income. We also took on several landscaping jobs together. Then, in May of 2021, I finally committed to Social Media Ministries and started the process to become a non-profit entity. We put everything on a credit card and dove deeper into debt. 

I started creating sermons using the wall of our small bedroom for a background. Admittedly, it wasn’t the greatest but it was something. After posting a couple of sermons on Facebook they banned my account and deleted ALL of my Facebook pages. Everything was GONE. All of my book pages and other business pages as well. Facebook deleted everything and permanently banned me from their platform.

I was discouraged at first. However, I took it as a sign to pursue Social Media Ministries even more. We also decided it was time to start looking for a new place to live so that I would have a better place to record. 

A few months later, we received an opportunity to move into the same house of my childhood neighbors that I stayed in 4 years ago. Of course, we accepted and began packing. We made a plan and decided that she would get a job and work full-time for a year or so while I worked full-time on my YouTube channels and Social Media Ministries. And that’s exactly what we are doing. We are working hard, investing, paying down debt, and striving to build the life of our dreams. 

Despite all the setbacks, false promises, shattered hopes, failed endeavors, lost money, discouragements, et cetera we are still pushing through. You don’t have to work 40 hours a week for the next 40 years. Yes, you may have to work for the next 5 or 10 years, but not 40. You can be financially free and live the life of your dreams.

I want to help you break free of the notion of having to work for other people and be unhappy. You must understand that this world is corrupt. Sure, you may not be able to do a lot about it. You may not be able to change the world. But you can change your world.

Join me in the endeavor of learning to be free and not having to depend on other people for your needs. Stop subscribing to the corrupt mentality of society and be your own individual. Find the desire to be free of a paycheck and pinching pennies to get what you need. Be able to eat pizza, live healthy, and order anything on the menu simply because you can. Learn to be successful without having to work for someone else. It can be done; I’m proof of that. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. The question is whether you will start making an effort to do it as well. You need to make it happen. Remember, life doesn’t start someday. It is happening right now. 

Every day is a gift that you need to make the most of. Decide what it is you want to do and find out how to make it happen. I can help you, and I want to help you. Take a look at the materials on my site. I know there is something for you.