Using paid upvote bots are essential for your success on Steemit. It is a great way for you to advertise your post and put it in front of many more people. Not only that – but it is virtually free advertising because you get a lot back in the form of an upvote! This video will show you 3 tips for using paid upvote bots so that you will have better odds of receiving a higher reward. In addition, you’ll learn a little voting bot etiquette, which other people will appreciate as well.

Watch the video and if videos aren’t your thing then check out the transcript below to read all about how to use paid upvote bots on Steemit.

What are Steemit voting bots? Should you use them? How can they help your posts? Find out three tips for using voting bots – coming up next.

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Hey guys my name is Spencer Coffman. I want to thank you for watching this YouTube Channel, it’s all about making information known to you. We’ve got software reviews, plug-in reviews, online hints and tips, social media how-to, and lots of information about the Steemit blogging platform. So you can spread your message, grow your following, and start making money online.

Today we are going to talk about Steemit voting bots. Now this is paid upvote bots. You can find them on a cool place called It used to be an Amazon web services but now he has his own domain name and it is thanks to @Yabapmatt. You’ll find him in the description below, you can follow him, it’s a cool service he has created for us to look at all of the Steemit bots that we can pay to get upvotes. Now, there are three tips that I have for you when using bot services. But before we dive into them, we have to talk about how you can pay for these bots. You can either pay with Steem, or Steem Dollars. Steem or SBD. Now personally, I pay with both.

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It depends on the value of each. If SBD is worth $5 and Steem is worth 3, I’ll be paying with Steem. Because you, all your rewards come in SBD or Steem anyway based on your rewards. If you don’t know how the rewards work on your post, check out a previous video that I did. You’ll see it in a card up here on how post payouts work. And how you can receive money from your post and how all that works out and figures out and calculates out. But, basically, I send whichever currency is worth less, because your vote value and your payout is the same no matter what.

So if SBD is worth two, Steem is worth three, I’ll send SBD. Simple as that. That’s what I do, that’s what you can do, it helps to be more economical and more fiscally responsible for you so you can maximize your rewards. Therefore, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to do that unless you just want to blow your money. That being said, three things.

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Number one is watch the timers. So when you go to this Steembottracker, you’ll see all of the stuff here and there’s a spot where you can see the vote limit. So some of them have a voting of six days, some say 5, some say 2.5, some say three, some say 3.5, others are at 4. Basically, you need to pay attention to that because if your post is older than 4 days, you cannot send money to a bot that only allows posts older than or newer, within 3 days.

They won’t vote on you. And if they’re not automatic refund, you may have just given away your money for nothing. So pay very close attention to the time limits on the voting bots. A lot of them are now set at 3.5 days or less, which means you need to pay them to vote on your posts before they hit the 3 day mark. This is because the blockchain and the reward system has recently been changed so that most of the bots that are 6 days or 5 days or some that are even 4 days, they’re getting hammered by people like Grumpy Cat and other Steem monitors or bots, or mods, or whomever they are.

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They want people to pay early on so that there’s more time for their post to curate and more time for their money to get taken away if their post isn’t worthwhile. See, what was happening is a lot of people with spam posts were waiting until about day 6. Then they put like a hundred bucks on their post, get that post value up to like 150 or 175, and then in 10 hours, boom! Collect the payout. And they were just robbing the heck out of this place, and they were creating really crappy posts. And it just wasn’t worth it.

So, they said, “Hey, no more of this. Anyone who uses bots that are over 3 days, we’re going to red flag ’em, we’re gonna down-vote ’em, and take their money away.” They can do it, they will do it, so pay very close attention. I personally recommend only using bots with a 3.5 day or less, because then you know you’re pretty safe. That’s what I do. There are some that are 6-dayers still that are okay. Use them with caution, and if you do use them, and something happens, it’s just, it’s too bad. It really is. So pay attention to the time limits.

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The next thing, this is a very important point, number two: Use the calculator. There is something called a vote calculator, you’ll see it here, and you can type in anybody’s bot and then type in the amount of Steem or SBD that you want to send them and it will show you a general guess of what your post payout will be. Of what their vote weight will be based on that. Now, keep in mind that this vote calculator can change as more people pay.

Let’s say according to their dollar statistics down in this vote area, you’ll see that there is maybe $30 left, and their vote value is 100 or something. If that gets down to zero and more people pay that bot, then that means all the other people that paid it, they’re going to have to give away some of their reward value to those other people that paid it. So if the bot is at zero and people send money, that’s going to hurt, because now there’s not enough money to be voting for that weight. So then the weight that you saw on your calculator may not, you may not get that.

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For this reason, this leads us to point number three: Is never kill a bot. Now, what this means is if you see that there are $3 on a bot left, don’t just send $3. Weather it’s Steem or SBD. I’m just using dollars for simplifications. So if there’s three dollars on a bot, and you say “well let me just send three bucks to that bot,” now it goes down to zero, bad idea. Because what’ll happen is for you that said that, there might be 10 other people out there that said, “you know what? I’m going to wait until that gets down to one minute, until they vote. I’m going to send the three bucks,” and boom.

So now you’ve got 30 bucks going there, now everything is worthless. You’ll maybe get a dollar in rewards, so that will not be worth it. Never kill a bot. Basically, personally, what I do is if there is a bot and it’s got like $5 left, I typically won’t vote, or I won’t send then my money to have them vote on me. I may send like one Steem or SBD, but that’s if I really need a vote or if I just kind of want to test it out and see what’s going to happen and how much I’ll get. But typically, if it’s 3 or less I never, never vote on them.

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So I’ll let that be because chances are that that bot is going to end up going negative. If it’s 5 or less, then maybe I’ll send one, but if it’s 3 or less, never use it. And never drain a bot to zero. So if there’s 20 on there, don’t send 20. Because chances are, it’ll go negative, you’re not going to get as big rewards as you thought. But if you use that calculator, guess your rewards, then send some money to that bot, and keep it above 3. If everybody keeps it above 3, then everybody is going to get great rewards from these bots. Because that means that you’ll all get full post payouts for those things.

So those are the three greatest hints when using bots. Number one is watch the time limits on the posts. Number 2: Use the vote calculator. Number 3: never kill a bot.

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If you have any other tips or ideas, if you have any questions about this Steemit bot tracker service, or anything about voting bots, I want to hear about it in the comments below. Post it in there, I’ll get on, reply to you, help you out. In addition, if you can read through the other comments, and if there are any comments in there that you know the answers to or that you, can help out feel free to reply to them. You guys can learn so much from each other and help each other out a lot. Also, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you so that you can make informed decisions about the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.

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