The Gospels are fascinating books about Jesus Christ and his time on Earth. Only four of them were canonized, however, additional texts exist. One such text is The Gospel of the Kailedy: The Books of John The Baptist and The Natsarim. This excellent companion text provides additional information about Jesus and his time on Earth.


Summary of The Release

Many things were written about the works of Jesus Christ. In fact, if all of them were written there would not be enough room for all of the books that would be filled. Therefore, even though The Gospel of the Kailedy is not part of canonized Scripture, it provides excellent historical details about Jesus and his ministry.


Full Release

The Gospel of the Kailedy is a compilation of two books. The Book of John the Baptist the Enlightened of Elohim and the Book of the Natsarim, or Wise Strangers. These texts should be read as a companion to the divinely inspired Gospels in the New Testament. They are a wonderful historical account that will provide you with a deeper understanding of the time of Christ.

This publication is different from others in that the two books are separated. In addition, chapter and verse numbers have been added to help break up and reference the text. Headings have also been added to help separate the text for easy reflection and comparison to the New Testament Gospel accounts. One of the most noteworthy differences is that Scripture references have been painstakingly added to as many sentences as possible to help display the parallels between this book and the books in the Bible. The words of Jesus Christ have been made red to clarify the words of the Savior.

Hundreds of hours have gone into the preparation of this book to provide you with a deeper understanding and to help you know Jesus on a deeper level. Please purchase The Gospel of the Kailedy. It will be worth the money and time you spend on it.

To provide a little extra incentive, the book is priced at the lowest possible amount making it even more affordable. At the date of this release, the paperback price is $24.95 which is only 58 cents above cost!


Gospel of the Kailedy price

Why is the book priced so low?

“The goal is for more people to learn about Jesus rather than make money. Hopefully, we can do both.” Says Spencer. “However, for now, and hopefully forever, the book will be priced within $1 above cost.”

May this book be a blessing to you and your family.


Purchase And Contact Information

Consumers can purchase The Gospel of the Kailedy from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes. You can also visit the Gospel of the Kailedy webpage for more retail locations.

For additional information about The End-Times Prophecy, you may  contact the author directly.


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