Getting your business to stand out in the crowd can be a challenge. However, there is one key aspect to making sure that people remember your ads instead of forgetting them. That is striving to be different. You need to be memorable. That means coming up with a unique marketing strategy. Of course, this is all pretty basic information that you most likely know. The question is how do you do that?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that for you because it is specific to your business. Only you know exactly what you business is about and how to market the products or services that you provide. However, I can give you some thoughts to help spark your ideas and help your creative process.

When thinking of an ad campaign, remember that if you feel stupid while doing it, stupid like you are worried if people are going to be watching you, then you are doing something right. People like and remember things a lot more if they are a little bit out there.

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In addition, if it is so off the wall that it really doesn’t make sense, then that is also a plus. Remember that old saying ‘think out of the box’? Yeah, bring that into your ad campaigns. People remember stupid and off the wall stuff because they don’t see it very often. This is also because everyone understands entertainment. Getting people to smile and laugh is a universal language that improves memory.

Don’t worry about offending people or about the people that won’t like your ad’s originality. Chances are that they will still remember your ads simply because it struck a nerve. You want to be careful not to deeply offend someone or to be crude and unprofessional.

Remember, you are still a business and you need to act like one in public. There is a big difference between getting someone to think about something and making them upset about something. You don’t want them to be upset with you due to your ad.

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Think of the ads that you remember, what stands out to you? Ask your friends and family for the most memorable ads they have seen as well. Then, put together a list of what made those ads memorable and try to incorporate those elements into your ads.

If you do this, then people will be much more likely to remember your ads and you will succeed in making your business stand out in the crowd. It isn’t easy, and it will take time and money to make it work. However, if you are determined, it can be done.

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