Discord is a very popular online community where you can chat with other people about all sorts of things. It is a very great place for you to grow your Steemit account and find more followers.

Watch this video to discover the best Steemit Discord servers for you to join to start getting more Steemit upvotes. If videos aren’t your thing then check out the transcript below to read all about how to get more upvotes on your Steemit posts by using Discord!

Hopefully, by now, you are on Discord. If not, I strongly recommend you get on Discord and if you are, hopefully, you’re taking advantage of some of the upvote rooms where you can get votes on your post. If not, today I’m going to show you three places that you should join to help you get more upvotes on your post. That’s coming up now.


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Today we are going to talk about 3 Discord servers that you should join to help you get more upvotes on your posts. These are great servers because they are Automatic upvotes. So in the server, there’s a room that you can post in and the bot in that room will automatically upvote your post. Now some of them have some time requirements, and they vary. Sometimes, it used to be like 12 hours, you could post once every 12 hours, then it went to once every 24, currently, it’s about once every 36 hours. And I imagine as more and more people start using the service, the distance between the times you can post is only going to increase. Therefore, I really recommend you get on now and start posting in there in your limits, so you can start getting some upvotes on your post.


Now, the first one that you should join to maximize your upvotes is P A L. Or Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. This server has a great room, it’s called the upvote room, and you can post your post in there along with the tag with either #upvote or $upvote. And then their bot, which is a minnow bot, minnow support bot, will vote on your post. This is a great way for you to get some more exposure and also get a vote from a good group of people that are going to vote on your post, and it will help you grow faster on Steemit.

Sometimes on rare occasions, they also have a variety of people, depending on when you post in there like maybe it’ll be 20 people, or 30 or other accounts that will also vote. So on occasion, you’ll not only get the bot vote, but you may also get a bunch of votes from other accounts on your post. So you could get anywhere from 1 to 20 or 30 upvotes on that post, which makes it a great service.


The second place that you should join to get more upvotes is called Minnow Booster. This is a great room that, it’s not an upvoting bot that is just like the P A L server, but it’s a great area that you can post your links in and tons of people will see them because they know Minnow Booster is a great service and it has a lot that can be done with it, and we’re going to have a video about that coming up later on about all the things you can do with Minnow Booster.

So if you want to get ahead of the game, you can just Google that, check it out, read up on Minnow Booster, start maximizing your Steemit growth and rewards using it. But for now, join the server on Discord, post in the post promotion rooms, and in anywhere that you can share links, and you’ll start seeing some more growth on your posts.


The 3rd place that you should join to get more upvotes on Steemit is SteamGigs. This server is a cool server because you can pretty much post in any one of the discussion rooms or any one of the rooms, they’re all, not all, but most of them are post promotion allowed. And if you include The tag $vote, or $upvote, then they will vote on your post. Now, what’s really unique about this server is you don’t have any limits. So if you have 10 posts, you can do $upvote on all of them, and they’ll vote on all your posts.

Now, the weight isn’t going to be significant, so you’re probably not going to get more than a cent, but it still gives you an upvote on your post, which helps your numbers, which helps it look better, peace of mind, whatever, and by posting in there, you have the chance that other people who are trolling through may see your post and click on it if you have a great image that entices them to click over to Steemit.


So those are the three places that you should join to help yourself get some more votes on Discord through Steemit. So, the first one was Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, the second one is Minnow Booster, and the third one is SteemGigs. Join those 3 Discord servers, they’ll help you get some more upvotes on Steemit. If you have any other great Discord servers that give out upvotes, post them in the comments below and tell us what the process is. Are there any limits, what’s going on, post them down there for other people to read and check out the other posts by other people, because there may be some great servers down there that you don’t know about.

Also, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you so you can have the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.


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