Your vote is worth something. However, that means you have to use it. Allow services to use your vote for you so you can make money even while you sleep! This will help you get more rank, followers, upvotes, and money!

Watch this video to learn about how you can sell your vote to make money and grow your Steemit account. If videos aren’t your thing then check out the transcript below to read all about selling your vote on Steemit and what it can do for you!

How can you get some more curation rewards on Steemit by voting on other people’s posts? A great way is to sell your vote. That means other people can use your vote, vote on posts, and you’ll get rewarded for not even doing anything. Find out how to do this coming up next.


Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching this YouTube Channel, it’s all about making information known to you. We’ve got software reviews, plugin reviews, online hints and tips, social media how-to, and lots of information about how you can be successful on the Steemit blogging platform so you can spread your message, grow your following, and start making money online.

Today, we are going to talk about selling your vote. Now, selling your vote is kind of controversial topic. Some people think it’s great, other people think it’s terrible and should be avoided and flagged and banned, and whatever, but I personally think it’s a good way for you to start growing on Steemit, start earning some rewards, and also to start voting on other people’s posts without you having to do it.


Now, of course, you run the risk that you may be voting on some posts that you maybe don’t agree with, maybe that are kind of spam, but the point is, it’s good for you to start voting on other people’s posts, because then according to the algorithms and the whales that do all these research things and whatever they decide to do, it shows that you’re voting on tons of other posts and not only your own. Now, how can you do this? Selling your vote is very simple.

There are two main places where you can sell your vote. There are probably others, but there are two main ones that are very effective. The first one is called The second one is called So, the process of selling your vote is very simple. All you need to do is create an account on these places and then click on the button that says, “sell your vote.”


Now you can put in some parameters of selling it when it’s only above a certain voting power, certain voting weight, you can control how many times it votes, etc., and then basically what’s going to happen is these places will vote on posts for you. They have bots, if you’re familiar with the Steembottracker, you can watch a video here if you’re not familiar with it, it’ll pop up in a card. Watch that video, you’ll notice that there are bots on there.

Now, a couple of these Bots use other peoples’ accounts to support their bot and to help get their bot some more value. They also have some bots that have a pre-vote group, which means like if you pay a certain bot to vote on your post, they also have a group of people that are selling their vote and that group of people will vote on your post and then bot will vote on your post. So it’s like a double whammy where you’re going to get a bunch more rewards for paying that bot. So that makes that bot pretty popular, and then a lot of people like to use it.


So you can sell your vote to Minnow Booster and SmartSteem. They both have bots on Steembottracker. This is where they help get a lot of their bot worth because then all these people are voting on them. Now, when you sell your vote on Minnow Booster, it’s very simple, you just create an account, you give them your private posting key, you can choose different parameters that you can see. It’s all right here in this one little spot on this page, you can check toggle them on and off, we’ll see all that here.

In addition, when you sell your vote, it’s a great thing because now you’re earning some rewards. And you can have that rewards be automatically paid, or you can leave it there and pay it to yourself whenever you want, whenever you log in, but it’ll help you earn some more curation rewards and get your name out there, because then other people might see that your vote is on their post, and they may decide to click on your name and then follow you.


Now when you’re on SmartSteem, that is a great place to sell your vote. You can see here the different options that they have, you can configure however you like. But you also want to give them your private posting key, and when you sell your vote to them, they’ll do the same thing. Their bot is huge. Tons of people use it and it has a lot of value, a lot of times, and it’s really great.

So when you sell your vote to them, they will also vote on your behalf when you’re not on Steemit, which is excellent, because then you can start reaping some curation rewards without having to manually pay attention and go through all these posts on Steemit. So that is awesome as well.


Now, those are the two main places that I found that you can sell your vote that works very well, they’re very easy to set up, connect your account with them, boom, it’s done. Give them your private posting key, it’s very easy. If there are any other great places that you know of that you can sell your vote and get a good reward that isn’t impossible to do, that don’t require a lot, post them in the comments below. Because I would love to hear about them. I’d love to show other people about them, and it would be great if you could start selling your vote to a lot of places to get some more curation rewards.

Now one thing I want to make here, one point is if you’re new, selling your vote may not be the best idea to do it on both of these places in anywhere you can, because your vote weight is not going to regenerate quickly, you’ll burn through bandwidth faster, and it may cause some complications. So generally, sell your vote when you have accumulated enough Steem Power when you’ve got some good followers, some reputation.


If you do decide to sell your vote early, toggle that percentage way up. So that if your vote percentage goes below 80 percent, it doesn’t vote automatically for you. But when you start getting a lot of Steem Power, you can knock that down. I personally, if I sell my vote, I’d put it at like 40, because I have a lot of Steem Power. But that is a very important point about selling your vote. Again, I want to hear about all the stuff in the comments below if you know of any other places to sell your vote, or if you have any insight on this as well.

In addition, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you so you can have the information you need to make informed decisions about the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.


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