Diets. Protein diet, low carb diet, vegan diet, there are so many different diets out there. How do you know which diet is best for you? Before you can answer that question, you need to ask yourself, what are your goals in dieting?

Are you trying to bulk up, lose weight, get more energy, feel better, et cetera? If you define your goals, then the right diet plan will be pretty obvious.

For example, if you have personal political reasons for the food you eat then your diet is pretty much set in stone.

If you are an animal rights activist, then you should be vegan. If you are a hunter then you probably eat wild game and protein.

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However, the majority of people aren’t really bothered enough by politics to let it control their diet. They eat what they want, when they want, simply because it is convenient. These people are looking for a simple diet that can help them with their goals.

The good thing is that a high protein diet can help you with almost any goal that you may have. This article will show you five great reasons to consider a high protein diet.

It’s A Good Diet Plan

A high protein diet is simply a diet plan that consists of eating protein and vegetables. That is it. You don’t eat any carbs, and you have minimal fruits. Some dairy is okay because it is a protein. However, your focus is protein and vegetables.

Think of it like you are a vegetarian that also eats meat. That is how many vegetables you need to eat. It is very easy and enjoyable, and you will find that you can eat a lot of food without packing on the pounds.

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Your Body Is Made Of Meat

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Think of your body and what it is made of. Unless you are really overweight, you have more muscle than any other substance. What is that muscle made of? Protein. Therefore, you need to continually feed that muscle by eating protein.

The muscles in your body are constantly consuming amino acids to help you with your day-to-day activities.

The best way to replenish those amino acids is to eat the foods that contain them. That means eating meat, nuts, legumes, et cetera.

In addition to protein, you need to make sure you eat lots of vegetables because they have a lot of good nutrition as well. Your body can get many amino acids from vegetables such as leafy greens, pumpkin, avocados, seaweed, figs, and more.

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Protein Builds Muscle

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If you are interested in building muscle or bulking up, then you definitely need to pack on the protein. However, don’t simply get protein shakes, protein bars, or bottles of powder. No, make sure you are eating your protein and getting it through food.

You also need to make sure that you are consuming a lot of vegetables and some dairy as well. These three food groups will provide you with everything you need to build muscle and stay in shape.

The reason it is important to eat it as opposed to drinking it is that your body absorbs a lot of nutrients through the digestion process.

While you chew your food, your saliva is mixing with the food and nutrients are being absorbed through your mouth.

Then, when you swallow the food, your esophagus absorbs nutrients as it goes down to your stomach.

Once the food hits your stomach it is met with acids that are powerful enough to dissolve metal and most of the nutrients start to die off.

Therefore, if you drink most of your nutrients, then it is going straight down your esophagus and into your stomach.

As a result, your esophagus doesn’t have enough time to extract all the necessary nutrients from your drink and your stomach acid will burn up most of it.

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It’s Easier To Lose Weight                  

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Vegetables and protein are fairly easy to digest because they are “whole” foods. That means that they are not processed or man-made. It is a food that comes directly from the earth. Your body is also from the earth and is made of the same minerals that are contained in whole foods.

Therefore, if you eat these whole foods, your body will be able to absorb them efficiently and digest them appropriately. However, if you eat a lot of processed foods, starches, and carbs, then your body will not know what to do with it because it isn’t natural.

Your body isn’t made of carbs, so when you eat carbs your body takes whatever it can from the carb and stores the rest as fat cells.

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The reason it is stored, rather than expelled, is because your body doesn’t know what to do with this junk. Essentially, it is put away in a junk drawer in case you ever need it again. When your body goes into starvation mode, it opens up the junk drawer and begins to feed off of itself consuming both fat and muscle tissue.

This is why people who are losing weight often don’t feel very good when they first start dieting. In addition, it can be a cause of muscle loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and keep your muscle, then start eating protein.

As your body sheds the pounds it will also be receiving great nutrients, which will help you feel good while your fat cells are melting away.

Fight Hunger Cravings                

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Unlike carbs, which are instantly burned up and stored away as fat cells, protein sticks with you because it is digested more slowly. Your body realizes that it has much more to gain from whole foods than processed foods.

Therefore, it will hang onto the whole foods longer. It knows that whole foods are more beneficial and when you feed it processed foods it will get them out of the way as soon as possible in the hopes that whole foods are on the way.

Therefore, if you eat protein and vegetables you will find that you cannot only eat more food, but you will also stay full longer.

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You can eat more food because your body is putting the food to use rather than storing it away as fat. Because your body is actually using the food and getting the nutrients it needs, it will stay full.

When you eat a healthy meal your body receives everything that it needs. Therefore, you don’t crave food.

On the other hand, when you diet by eating less, or eat processed junk food, your body cries out for nutrients and craves food. Eventually, you give in and start eating whatever is convenient.

Unfortunately, this usually isn’t very healthy and your body stores that away as fat. Now you’re worse off than before because the food you ate served to go against your diet.

Therefore, eat a good protein rich meal and stay full.

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If you want to get fit, become healthy, lose weight, gain muscle, and generally feel better, than a high protein diet is for you.

However, if you are more interested in convenient foods, carbs, junk food, and want to stay overweight then forget about a high protein diet.

Hopefully, you are interested in enhancing your body and will feed it the nutrients it needs.

Eat whole foods that your body can absorb and that will stick with you so that you can fight off the hunger cravings and start shedding the pounds.

You will also gain more muscle and start having more energy.

Therefore, consider starting a high protein diet today!

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