Olu is an interesting person. He genuinely wants to write things that will help others and truly believes he is the best person for the job. This is wonderful because it enables him to continue writing no matter what.

This is one of the greatest challenges for self-published authors. Often times, not very many people read our books.

However, still being able to write them for the audience that an author has is important. You can learn more about him through this interview and also on his website.

What prompted you to become an author?

I didn’t plan to become an author. I never knew I was gifted in writing. Yes, I love knowledge and I love documenting things down. So most of the time if an idea pops up in my mind, I will write it down, then, later on, I will develop it and research more on it.

Most of the time, I will write things down and abandon them. Then came a time in my life that I had some bad experiences of life that get me sober for a long and life was tough. Not just wanting to sit idle, I remembered I had some book ideas that I had half-written and abandoned. So I picked one of them and began to keep myself busy with it.

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Then suddenly this writing trait began to show up in me. And I said, “Woah, I write well. Why not develop it.” So I did. I just discovered that there are books in me that are looking for a way to come out.

Since I now know I have this gift of writing in me, which was lying there idle for more than 30 years without me realizing it, I began to develop it. And the only way to develop your talents and gifts is to put them to use. Everybody is talented and gifted enough, but only a few people know that they are.

To be able to know and identify an inherent gift and talent that is in you, I recommend you read my eBook: The Entrepreneurship In You. After you have read this book, you won’t have a problem identifying your talents and learning how to develop them for profitable use.

The Entrepreneurship In You By Olu Dennis


Being an author does not necessarily mean you only write books. No. To me, being an author is one of the gifts and talents that I have. I am an ICT professional by profession. But writing is one of my gifts.

What are your five favorite books, and why?

I have written many books in many genres: technical, religious, motivational and entrepreneurship. Picking 5 favorites is difficult for me.

  1. GO FOR IT: Define What You Want In Life And Go For It And Be Ready To War To Get It

  1. Procrastination: Time And Opportunity Of Life Waster. How To Overcome It

  1. The Entrepreneurship In You

  1. Productivity: My Personal Experience

  1. The Seven Secrets Of Winning Your Husband’s Heart

Who are your five favorite authors?

I don’t have any favorite authors.

Describe your writing location?

I don’t have a specific writing location.

Writing is a different profession. Ideas pop up from time to time; you need notepad [Paper or Electronic – on your Laptop, iPad, Smartphone] to document them as they come. They could come while you are at home, or at work, on the aircraft, in the bus, I mean anywhere.

The most important thing is that you must have a means of capturing them. Then you sit down at home or in your office, or anywhere you can have enough time to yourself and collate, develop, re-arrange, research more on the topic you are writing on, even before editors and contributors come in. 70-80% of the initial work must be done by you before others come in.

What’s the story behind your first book?

Just like I said before, I didn’t plan to become an author. I didn’t plan to write a book. So I didn’t know am authoring a book. I am just compiling a good book that changes people’s lives forever.

My first book is titled: The 5 Laws Of Favour

Took me 7 years to finish writing it. Because I didn’t take it as a project.

Every book is a project. It was when I discovered that I have the gift of writing, which I think all of us have it. Learn what book publishing is about and what is industry standard. So I began to write like an author. I will come up with a title that will reflect the content of my book. A reader just holding my book in his or her will know the theme of the content.

Why did you become an indie author?

After I began to write and author books, then the question come, how do I publish them? Traditional publishing system is like climbing Mountain Everest. I considered doing the publishing myself. That too is expensive to dare especially if your budget is not big enough.

Then I heard of Amazon and Smashwords eBook publishing platforms. And I registered with them, followed their terms and conditions and begin to publish my eBooks on their platforms. And I can tell you, I am glad I did. And also grateful to those platforms that make the dreams of so many Indie Authors comes true.

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Do you have any advice for other indie authors? If so, what is it?

Books are in every one of us. Develop your writing skill.

Don’t give up when you meet difficulty along the way. It is normal. Over time, you will master the skill. Nobody is born an expert. Expertize in any field is gotten over time and with much efforts. You can’t do all the work alone, involve others, but don’t leave everything to others.

The book idea is yours. Like book formatting, cover design, editing, and even marketing. You can get a professional to help you out.

If you want to go into eBook publishing, I recommend you read my eBook to understand what it takes to publish an eBook.

eBook Publishing: What it takes to publish an eBook. The 5 Stages of eBook Publishing


If you are aspiring to be a Self-Published Indie Author, all you need to know to start with, are documented here for you. Write only things that will do humanity good on Earth and to the glory of God in heaven. That may sound religious, but it is necessary.

Let everything in your writing be 100% honest, truthful and holy as much as you can.

Let it be known to you that, all men will give an account of their life on Earth to God one day. You don’t need to believe it to make it true, just like the sun doesn’t need your opinion to rise or set tomorrow. You believe for your own good.

What do your fans mean to you?

I do not wish to answer this question.

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What is your best, most effective, book marketing tactic?

I am just learning how to market my books. This is a new field for me. As of now, which I know that is not enough. I only market my books on my website. I’m still working on Social Media and some book forums where one can promote his or her book.

What do you do when you aren’t working on books?

I’m an ICT professional. I couldn’t reply this interview fast enough because I was debugging and modifying a computer Code [scripts] I was writing to solve a particular problem.

Writing a book is just a gift I discovered I possessed and develop and put to work. I am a professional. From my personal experience, you don’t need to resign from your work to be an author, except if you want to be a full-time author, all you just need to do is to be organized.

Know when to write, know when to do your professional work. Balance things up and get a good result at both ends. It is possible.

I want to thank Olu for taking the time to answer these questions. All of the coding and programming keeps him pretty busy. I also want to thank you guys for reading this interview and I hope you’ll check out some of the books. You can connect with Olu on his website and also take a look at him on Amazon.

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