When it comes to investing the earlier you start the better. Investing isn’t a get rich quick process, it is a crock pot cooker. It takes time, but if you continue to do it, you will retire very wealthy.

For example, if from age 18 to 26 you invest $2,000 a year in a Roth IRA mutual fund that is earning roughly 10% – by the time you are able to withdraw the money you’ll be a multi-millionaire.

The trick is living during the 40 years it takes for your money to turn into millions.


However, if you are 18 to 26 and you understand what I’m saying, enough to act on it, then I’ve just made you a multi-millionaire. If you’re older than that, then now is the time to start saving as much as possible! Ameritrade is a good place to use to manage your own mutual funds with the help of an advisor. Schedule a free appointment right away.

You will find that if you know you’re future, and the future of your children is taken care of that it is a lot easier to manage your finances in the here and now.

Basically, all you need to do is save as much as you can and make sure you get out of debt as fast as possible. Work hard and live on tuna and ramen if you have to, but get out of debt. Then you will have so much more money available that you will be able to live the lifestyle you want. Instead of paying your debts, you will be able to pay that money to yourself.

It takes discipline, and if you want to be financially secure then you are going to have to manage your money. You need to take control and be in charge. Money flows from the hands of those who don’t manage it to the hands of those who do. Therefore, manage your money or it will manage you.

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