My name is Spencer Coffman, author of YouTube Takeover and manager of several successful YouTube channels. There are many ways you can grow your subscriber base and I go over many of them in detail in my book so be sure to check that out. Basically, no matter what you do it is going to take time.

Building a great YouTube channel doesn’t happen overnight. Viral videos and channels do happen but it isn’t a common occurrence. Therefore, be prepared for the long haul. Beyond that, there are a few very important aspects that will significantly help you grow your channel.

Good Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing people see when they are searching for videos. People are visually driven and stimulated. Pictures are worth a thousand words and they are impressed upon the brain in a fraction of a second whereas words take several seconds to process.

Therefore, you must have great thumbnail images that convey action and excitement. People need to want to click your thumbnail. It needs to draw them in and make them highly interested in your video.

This is your most important piece of marketing material. People judge videos based on the thumbnail.

Good Titles

Titles are the second thing people see when searching for videos online. Wait, what? Yes, titles are not seen right away. First people look at the thumbnail image and then they glance over the title. Notice I said ‘glance’.

Most people don’t fully read the title unless they are interested after the first glance. It is something that people only care about if they are interested in the thumbnail but are not fully convinced they want to watch the video.

Therefore, your title needs to be captivating and specific.

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Your title is like your backup plan. If the thumbnail is amazing then viewers will click right away and watch your video without even looking at the title. However, if they like the thumbnail but want a little bit more information then they are going to look at your title.

It needs to be specific and describe exactly what the video is about. It needs to hook the reader and impress them at first glance. Then they will read it again more carefully. If they are still interested, they will start watching your video.

Great Content

Once you have achieved a viewer, you need to make sure you are providing them with great content. This can’t be regular run-of-the-mill ordinary content. No, your content must be amazing. With all of the people posting videos on YouTube you have a lot of competition.

Therefore, it isn’t enough to be good anymore. You need to be great. Your content needs to be something that makes the viewers feel and want more. It needs to connect with them on an emotional level.

You need to entice feelings and emotion.

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In addition, you must provide value or entertainment. If it is something that is valuable and teaches something then they will keep watching. They want the information you provide. If it isn’t informative, then it better be entertaining.

If you give them exactly what they wanted when they clicked on your video then that is good. However, even better would be to give them more than what they wanted when they clicked on your video.

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Great! You have started producing some great content with good thumbnails and titles. Now you are out there for the world to see. You are going to start getting some subscribers to your channel.

Sure, you may not have hundreds but you are definitely going to start building an audience.

Now you need to show your audience that you are serious about what you do. You need to convey consistency. You need to show your audience that you mean business. Show them that they can rely on you to produce great content on a regular basis.

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Start out posting as frequently as you are able. If you star tout posting once a month, great! If you post every other week then that is great as well. The main thing is that you need to be consistent.

Then, as you build more followers, start posting more frequently.

Note that once you start posting more often you will want to continue that increased posting rate. Therefore, make sure you only increase the frequency when you are ready to do it on a regular basis.

Call To Action

Finally, you must have a call to action. After someone invests the time to look at your thumbnail, read your title, and watch your video they need to be directed. This person trusts you and you have made an impression on him or her.

They watched your entire video and are thinking about whether or not they want more of your videos.

Therefore, you must tell them what to do. Tell them to subscribe to your channel, to like your video, and to get engaged in the comments below. Then you will have them as a loyal subscriber and follower of your channel.

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Obviously, there is much more that goes into growing your channel. However, these tips are great to get you started. For more detailed information about how to create thumbnails, titles, and great content be sure to check out YouTube Takeover.

It is worth the read especially if you are serious about growing your YouTube channel.

You may also wish to check out one of my YouTube channels and then click around the featured channels to see what else I’m doing. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I receive my greatest joy when people tell me that something I did was helpful to them.

Best of luck!

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