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Then Join MyPoints Right Away! It is a FREE point earning member network. I have been a member since 2006 and I personally love it. I think you will as well. Some years, I was a pretty passive member, as I only click on the email links and occasionally shop online. And that’s all I do.

During those years, I averaged about 8,000 points a year or about $50-$60 in free gift cards. In my active years, I average that in a month! Therefore, if you want to be a very active member, then you can literally earn thousands of points every day!

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MyPoints is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is sign up with your email address. Then you can earn points for doing just about anything online. You will receive a few emails each day and in each email, there is a link. If you click on the link then you will earn 5 points. Some of the many other ways you can earn points are described below.

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Shop Online

In addition, anytime you shop online you can earn points for your purchases. The number of points you earn will vary depending on the retailer. Some retailers will reward you with 2 points per dollar spent and others will reward you with 10 points per dollar, or even 25 points per dollar!

The amount varies depending on the retailer, time of year, the targeting sale, and many other factors. However, the bottom line is that you will receive points for shopping online. How cool is that!

MyPoints Shop Online

Take Surveys

You will also earn points for filling out surveys, or taking quizzes. These surveys and quizzes vary in length and point value. Some surveys take less than a minute and you can earn double-digit numbers of points. Other surveys take several minutes and you can earn hundreds of points.

Generally, the longer the survey the more points you will receive for completing it. So if you don’t mind spending some time each day filling out surveys then you can really rack up the points.

MyPoints Take Surveys And Get Points

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Play Games

In addition, if you like playing online games you can earn points for that as well!! There are so many popular games that you can play. BejeweledCandy CrushCrosswordsMind Games, and More! You can play these games and level up your scores. Each time you progress, you can earn points.

You can even get involved with contests, bonuses, and competitions with other members. The game site is essentially a whole nother site connected to MyPoints that is exclusively focused on playing games for fun and earning points. This is an excellent way to enjoy killing time with games and also get rewarded for playing them.

MyPoints Play Games And Earn Points

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Watch Videos

Another great feature is that you can even earn points for watching videos! There are several different options and many of the videos are less than five minutes long. Of course, the point credits vary depending on the advertiser, video length, campaign, et cetera. If you enjoy watching videos, or don’t mind letting them run in a side window, you have the potential to earn lots of points.

This is a neat opportunity because you can simply open up the video and allow it to play while you earn points. Of course, you can’t simply walk away and expect it to keep earning points for you. No, they have guarded against that by ensuring that you have the window open and click play for each video. Still, though, this is a great way to get points for doing almost nothing. Simply let the video play in another window and check it every few minutes.

MyPoints Watch Videos And Earn Points

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Search The Web

How many times a day do you Google something or use another search engine to find what you need? 10 – 20 – more! Well, now you can get points for searching the web! Think about earning points for each time you perform a search. Well, with MyPoints Search, you can!

Of course, you won’t be earning tons and tons of points for searching, but you will be credited. In addition, MyPoints Search checks to make sure that your searches are valid, so you can’t simply type in random words, hit enter, and expect to see points appear in your account. You will have to search and then click on a few links so that the algorithms see that you are actually looking for the information you searched.

MyPoints Search The Web And Earn Points

Use Coupons

Another great feature of MyPoints is that they will provide you with as many free grocery coupons as you want. These are manufacturer’s coupons, which means that you can use them anywhere. They are universal and accepted in pretty much all stores.

However, if you like store specific coupons, they have some of those as well. You can print as many coupons as you want right from your computer and then they will award you 10 points for each coupon that you use. In addition, if you use more than 10 coupons in a month, you will be awarded bonus points for that month.

The amount of bonus points differs. However, it is usually 25 bonus points for every 10 coupons used. Not only will you save money by using free manufacturer coupons, but you will also earn points!

Never Make Another Typo Again!

MyPoints Use Coupons And Earn Points

In Summary…

MyPoints is an excellent way to passively, or actively; earn tons of points that you can redeem for gift cards to pretty much anywhere. You have every reason to join. It is free and you earn gift cards. What are you waiting for? Join FREE and start earning points today!!

As a recap, you can earn points for doing the following:

  • Clicking email links
  • Shopping Online
  • Completing Surveys
  • Taking Quizzes
  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games
  • Searching The Web
  • Using Coupons
  • And Much Much More!!

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