Posting articles online is a great way to increase traffic to your blog or website. If you start writing about a topic related to your industry you will be more likely to keep people on your site for a longer period of time. You will also be more apt to gain loyal followers and repeat customers. The reason for this is that you will be providing them with free information that is of value to them. As a result, they will appreciate you, and your willingness to do so.

Of course, posting articles isn’t always easy. You need to do some work to create content that people will like and enjoy. In addition, you also need to make sure that you link back to your site and know where to post those articles. Then, once you post an article somewhere, it is often a one-time deal, because most sites want to have original content. That means that if you want to post your articles to multiple places you will need to rewrite them for multiple different sites so that they are original. Like I said, it can be a lot of work. But rest assured, it is worth it.

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I could spend a lot of time right now giving you information on how to successfully post your articles to other sites so that you achieve maximum results. However, now is not the time, and if you are interested in that you’ll have to check out More Facebook Everything and also my article on using articles to gain exposure. For now, here is a list of some great places where you can start submitting your articles to that you can get more traffic to your website.

Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure to post your articles within all of your social media accounts. Post them as a note, post, thought, or whatever the network allows. This is different from simply making a status post, it is an actual place where you can create an article within your profile.


Here you can create your own personal homepage using their drag and drop builder. Then add your articles and feature them wherever you like.


This is an open community of passionate people writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters.

Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility, and traffic back to your website. There is a minimum word count of 400 words for the Article Body.


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Authors can add articles into a wide variety of categories and niches.


A platform to submit your articles and get posted to different network sites depending on the content of the submission.

Article directory search engine and at the same time an article distribution service provider offering a very affordable marketing service online without sacrificing quality.

Thousands of new articles in almost any category are published daily, a great place for marketing.

This is a platform where users can submit articles in different categories to gain traffic to their blog or website. Mainly used for marketing articles.

A community of writers who spend their time creating content geared towards helping readers educate themselves or solve a problem. How to articles do really well here.


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Offers free articles, free web content, and free article feeds, that are submitted by the network of registered authors.

Articles are differentiated with major categories and users can submit to a vast number of topics. A good place for great exposure.

Online article search engine and directory for both publishers and authors. ArticleCube allows you to search a major article directory on the web.

Offers an easy way to publish your work and attract readers and has a huge network of active readers.

Sort of like a social bookmarking site, it’s a listing of articles for several hundred thousand websites all sorted by category.

A great way to share your articles and quickly promote your brand for free.

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You can submit your articles here for other people to read and then reuse on their websites. If you place your article here it will become copyright free. Those who use your article will give you credit and can’t edit the article. A great way to promote yourself.

A huge database of articles on virtually every topic. You can write for them and submit your articles.

Community website for work at home related information and resources.

Submit your articles and include a few backlinks to your site. Not to many though or they’ll cut some out.

A network of readers great for authors who want to grow their audience.

A place to post your articles and allow others to use them provided they give you credit and follow the terms of the site.


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An easy place to post your articles for virtually any topic. A human editor reviews all articles.

Provides free tutorials and articles submission service, users can publish their articles as soon as they post.

Submit your articles with a thumbnail to reach readers all around the world.

A listing of tons of articles that many readers around the world can read.

Online article directory/article search engine for people that need relative, specific information.

Highly content rich information website with tons of articles written by well-known authors across the world.


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Submit your articles to be read and featured in other people blogs, forums, newsletters, or on their websites. A chance for some great exposure!

A great dashboard filled with all sorts of different articles. Submit yours and reach more readers.

A niche specific article site focusing on small business articles and business information.

Another vast article database with lots of readers and a variety of categories.

A growing site where you can publish your articles for many readers around the world.

Yet another place to post your articles and link back to your site.


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Millions of articles and over a million authors, it’s a pretty large database.

There you have it! A listing of places where you can start submitting your articles to get more traffic to your website. Go ahead and start creating accounts on these sites. I personally recommend that you go right down the list, one by one. Click on the link, see whether or not the site will work for your niche, create an account, and submit an article. Then, move onto the next link and start the process again. Set a goal for yourself to set up and post to one new place each week. Before long, you will generate tons of traffic to your URL’s!

For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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