Using article marketing to get traffic to your website can be a lot of work. You have to write articles, rewrite articles, put links in them, but not too many links, submit them to directories, share them on social media, and hope that people not only read them but also click the links and then buy something from your site. Wow! You may wonder whether or not it is even worth all of the trouble. After all, it isn’t easy to write articles, and doing all of that work simply hoping that people will click on the link and arrive on your site doesn’t seem very promising.

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You’re right. Article marketing might not sound very promising and it is a lot of work. If you don’t like the idea of doing some work in order to potentially drive thousands of people to your website then this obviously isn’t for you. However, if you don’t mind spending a few hours a week writing some content and getting it out there then you will have massive amounts of people navigating to your website in no time. So, if that sounds good to you then keep reading. I’m going to show you, step by step how easy it is to start using article marketing to drive tons of traffic to your site.

Step 1 – Write An Article

article marketing write an article spencer coffman

The first step is to obviously write an article. The type of article you write for submission to other sites is different from the type of article you will be writing for your blog. A standard blog article is going to be long, usually 1500 words or more. In addition, you will include 25 links for every 1000 words in your blog articles. You’ll want to include pictures and info graphics as well. However, the type of article you write for submission is going to be considerably different.

A submission article is going to be much shorter than a blog article. You will want it to be about 500 to 700 words. The only caveat in this is that if a certain site requires a certain length. Otherwise, try to keep your articles short and to the point.

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You want these articles to be highly specific and focused. Write an introduction that includes a strong hook. You want readers to be instantly sucked in so that they will continue reading your article. They don’t know you, your qualifications, or your authority. Therefore, your article needs to be exactly what they need. It needs to give them some great entertainment, or information. And it needs to do so very quickly or they will move on. Write a couple detailed paragraphs on the body of the article and then close with a strong conclusion and a call to action enticing them to click on your link and go to your website.

Step 2 – Link To Your Site

article marketing links in your articles spencer coffman

With a submission article, it is a good practice to only place a few links in the article. 3 to 5 is the magic number, with more magic on the number 3. These links should be placed in different places throughout the article. Place one in the first paragraph of your article, preferably within the first or second sentence. Then place another link a little more than halfway through the article. Finally, place a link at the end of the article, preferably in the last sentence of your article. Sort of like a call to action getting readers to click the link for more great content.

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All of these links should go to the same place, and that place will obviously be your website. Directing readers to a specific page or product on your website is often better than simply taking them to the home page. They want to see more things related to the article they read. So take them to something as closely related as possible.

Step 3 – Submit Your Articles

article marketing submit your articles spencer coffman

Once your article is written well and has 3 links included in the copy, it is time to submit it to different article sites or directories. Here is a great list of several places you can post your articles. Simply navigate to a site, create an account, and then submit your article. Be sure to read the terms of the site so that you know how many links you can have, whether or not there is a word count requirement, and whether or not the content has to be original. Once you submit your article, sit back and wait.

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If your article was approved, then move onto the next step. If it was denied, you can either try submitting it to a different place or, if the reviewers provided any feedback, you can revise your article so it will be approved and then move onto the next step.

Step 4 – Share On Social Media

article marketing share on social media spencer coffman

Once your article has been published on a site, you need to share it on all of your social media accounts. In addition, get as many people as you can to share it as well. The more exposure you can get for your article the better. Sure you are working to drive traffic to a site other than your own. However, you are promoting your content on that site. This will give you more credibility and authority because, often times, that site may be better known than your site. Therefore, share it and get people to click on the link and hopefully read your article. Then they will hopefully click on your link in the article and go to your site.

Step 5 – Submit Your Article Again

article marketing submit your article spencer coffman

Now you can and submit your article to 4 more places. Make sure that the sites you choose don’t require the content to be original. You are going to be submitting duplicate content to these 5 places.

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Remember, that many social media sites have places where you can write articles. This is a great outlet to use for one of your 5 submissions. Facebook and Google Plus both have a place where you can write a note as an article.

Step 6 – Rewrite Your Article

 article marketing re write your article spencer coffman

Now, that you have sent your article to 5 directories and shared it 5 times on all of your social media accounts, it is time for you to rewrite your article. This step is crucial. Don’t throw away all of your effort and start getting lazy here by simply spinning your article. Take some time and effort to manually rewrite the article. If you don’t like this, then hire a freelancer to do it for you. The point is you need to rewrite your article going through it paragraph by paragraph and rephrasing what you wrote.

Step 7 – Repeat Steps 3 to 6

article marketing repeat the process spencer coffman

Now you need to take your rewritten article and submit it to another directory. This should be your sixth directory. Then once it has been accepted, share it on social media and submit it to 4 more directories. This means you will have submitted 2 articles to 10 directories. Make sure to share each of the newly submitted articles to your social media sites. After that, you are going to rewrite your rewritten article and start the process again.

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Continue to go through these steps until you have submitted 5 articles to 25 directories and shared all of them on your social media accounts. You will have 1 original article and 4 rewritten articles that were consecutively rewritten from the article prior to it. You will never rewrite the same article twice, but always rewrite a new, rewritten, article. That way if you were to compare your first article to your last article it should be drastically different even though it is on the same topic.

Once you have completed this process, it is time to write an entirely new article and start the process again.

Note: if you wish to submit your articles to more than 25 places, then simply continue performing rewrites and submitting articles.


If you follow these steps and diligently perform the recommendations, you will begin driving large amounts of traffic to your website. I get it; it’s tough. But, believe me, if you stick with it and set a goal of completing one cycle of each month you will see results in only a few months. If you continually write one new article a month for 6 months, then you will really begin to notice a difference. Stick with it!

For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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