Learn even more about reading people and detecting deception. Deception Tips Revised and Expanded will give you in-depth information on how to tell if someone is lying.


Summary of The Release

Based on the popular Deception Tips Blog and the Deception Tips eBookDeception Tips Revised and Expanded is a book that provides you with even more detail about each of the deception tips. You’ll learn the tip along with an explanation of each tip that will help you become better at reading people and detecting deception. Enhance your people reading skills and understand the body language signs of deception by studying the contents of this book today!


Full Release

The demand continues! Deception Tips Revised and Expanded was created especially for you! Compiled from the Deception Tips Blog and expanded from the Deception Tips eBook – Deception Tips Revised and Expanded provides more in-depth content about each of the deception tips. The book features each deception tip image along with a description of the tip. These explanations will help improve your understanding so you will be better able to read people and understand body language.

Deception is everywhere and you need to be able to spot the signs. Unfortunately, people lie all of the time. Fortunately, body language always tells the truth. Therefore, you must be able to understand body language and recognize the signs of deception. This book will help you do that.

Protect yourself and those you care about. Make an effort to truly understand what they are communicating to you. Get to know others on a deeper level by seeing and listening to their body language. The truth is, you are going to be lied to. Whether or not you are fooled by lies is up to you.

Don’t be fooled by lies. Study body language and learn the signs of deception so that you will never be fooled by lies, or taken advantage of, again!

Spencer Coffman, a certified expert in micro-expression detection and well-versed in human behavior will give you an increased understanding of the little-hidden signs displayed by every person on Earth. With training, lies can be spotted and people can be read. These signs are universal across all people and once you learn them you will see them. Of that, you can be certain.

The Deception Tips Revised and Expanded book is focused exclusively on showing you how to detect deceit. You will read 101 tips along with detailed explanations of each tip telling you exactly what to look for when someone is lying. They are straightforward and very easy to understand. You’ll get a complete breakdown of many deceptive behaviors and how they manifest themselves in certain areas of the body such as the face, head and neck, arms, legs, et cetera.

Take action to learn more about what every body is truly saying. Purchase and read Deception Tips Revised and Expanded today!


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Consumers can purchase Deception Tips Revised and Expanded from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes. You can also visit the Deception Tips Revised and Expanded webpage for more retail locations.

For additional information about Deception Tips Revised and Expanded, you may contact the author directly.


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