Getting your business found online can be a challenge for many people. There are so many things that go into having a good online presence and since algorithms rank all of them it can be hard to understand how it all works. Fortunately, if you can learn how the algorithms work then you can construct your online presence to fit the algorithms and get much more visibility.

If you’ve been following my blog then you have learned a lot about how to increase your online presence and achieve higher website ranking. If not, then I encourage you to do so here. In either case, here are a few more great tips that you can incorporate to boost your rank even higher.

Have A Social Presence

The best way to get your small business found online is to make sure you have a good online presence. Pretty obvious, but it is true. Here is an article I wrote on how to improve your online presence. Basically, in order to do that you need to make sure you have business pages on Facebook, Google Plus, and on any other social media networks that you care to be on. When filling out your social media information, be sure to make it as complete as possible.

Everything needs to be filled out because the more detail you have the better the social network will be able to promote your content. For an excellent guide to getting yourself found on Facebook take a look at More Facebook Everything and for one on YouTube check out YouTube Takeover. Both of these books are filled with amazing information that will help you get your business found on these platforms.


Start Posting

Once you have a good social media presence, then you need to start posting things on your website. That means you need a blog. Yes, it is a lot of work but it will get results. Try to create a post at least 3 times a week. These posts can be something as simple as an update on what is happening in your business or something as complex as a tutorial on how to do something related to your business.

You should also be posting videos since video posts get way more views and they help keep people on your site longer. Search algorithms love video content and your site will significantly increase in rank if you have video. Having video will also give you something to post on your YouTube Channel.

Start Sharing

Once you have created each post, use your sharing icons to share the post to each of your social media networks. Yes, it would be faster to simply copy and paste the link to your post. However, using the sharing icons directly within your post will be much more effective because the algorithms track those sharing links.

They will see that your post is being shared and will then attribute more value to your post. As a result, your post and your website will begin to rank higher.

Take Advantage Of Social Media.

Backlink, Ping, And Index

An additional way to help get your business found is to make sure you take the appropriate steps to make sure your website links are being found. This means, getting backlinks for them, pinging them, and indexing the links. A great article on how to do this can be found here.

Backlinks are essential for your blog and having them will tell the search algorithms that your site has value. They will see that other sites are referring people to your content and reason that they are referring people because your content is valuable. Thus, they will attribute a higher rank to your site. Check out this article on the best way to get high-quality backlinks for your site.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, your online presence is increasing and you are incorporating these tips into your business plan. I really encourage you to take a look at the links within this article. I wouldn’t link to them if I didn’t think they were worth your time and or money. Therefore, take advantage of them.

For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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