You have the ability to earn some good rewards on Steemit. When you write valuable and informative blog content, people will upvote your posts. In addition, if you promote those posts, then even more people will upvote them. The trick is understanding the payout value on your posts. There are a couple of different numbers, and your value will constantly vary for a variety of different reasons.

Watch this video to learn more about why this happens! If videos aren’t your thing, then check out the transcript below to read all about how post payouts work on Steemit.

My post payouts aren’t what they thought they were. I don’t really know what is happening. Why aren’t the payout values associated with what I see on the screen? Find out all about the post payouts and how they work – coming up next.

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Hey, guys, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching this YouTube channel. It’s all about making information known to you. We’ve got software reviews, plug-in reviews, online hints and tips, social media how-to, and lots of information on how to be successful on the Steemit blogging platform. So you can spread your message, grow your following, and start making money online.

Today we are going to talk about Steemit post payouts. This is a huge factor in making money online is getting paid for your work. Post payouts can be kind of confusing. They can be different. They go down. They go up. How is value attributed to your posts? Why do the payouts seem to be different? And the rewards seem to be different, than what they appear on the screen? We’re gonna talk about all of this so that you have a clear understanding of exactly how you are getting paid for your posts.

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So, the first thing is you really only get paid for seventy-five percent of your post. Now, that’s not quite true. You get paid for the whole post, but you only get 75 percent of the rewards. So if your post achieves 100 dollars, let’s say, you will achieve 75 for you and 25 will go to the curators. Now curators are people who have upvoted your post and who have resteemed your post. So if someone upvotes your post, and then your post gets bigger, they achieve a reward for upvoting your post before a bunch of other people have upvoted it, and it got bigger.

In addition, if someone resteems your post, and then people upvote it through their resteemed post, then they achieve a reward for bringing people to your post. So they get a curation or a resteeming reward, and if they voted on it, they get an upvote reward or a curation. It’s all curation rewards, but if someone resteems your post and they bring a thousand votes to your post, they’re gonna get rewarded big-time for that because they just helped you out majorly. So you want this. It’s a good thing.

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Don’t worry about losing the 25 percent. You want, in fact, if you, let’s say you had that 25 percent. If that was a thousand bucks, well that means you just got 75 percent. So you just got a major payday. So the more that is that’s good. That’s good for you. It’s like I’ve heard people say ‘man I would love to pay a hundred thousand dollars in taxes a year.’ Why? ‘Well because of my taxes are ten percent then I made a million dollars a year.’ Wow, great! So you can afford to pay it. So the point is don’t worry about this 25 percent. You want people to be upvoting you, and you want people to resteem your posts. That is good. You want their curation rewards to be high because then that means your post is high as well. So that is that.

Now, of the seventy-five percent, this is where some people don’t understand. Because oftentimes, if you receive, let’s say your post is a hundred bucks, or 100 Steem Dollars, or Steem, or whatever, it’s 100. You’ve got 75. But when you go to your wallet to redeem those rewards, it says you got so many SBD and so many SP, so you don’t really know why because it says ‘well wait a minute I have 40 SBD and only twelve SP. Well, that doesn’t make sense.’ Yes, it does because the values are different.

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So, of the 75% of the post monetary value that you collect that is split 50/50. Half of it is paid out in Steem Power, and the other half is paid out in Steem Dollars. Now, you can set this to be different in your post. When you see the post editor, you can scroll down, and you’ll see right in the corner there is a little spot and it says payout 50/50. You can change this to be a hundred percent Steem Power if you want. It’s either 50/50, by default, or 100 percent Steem Power. It’s up to you. However you want to be paid out, that’s your choice.

I really like the 50-50 payout because then as the value of Steem and Steem Power and Steem Dollars fluctuates I can still choose what I want to do. I can send some money to Bittrex, swap one for another, use it to purchase upvotes, or buy stuff, or whatever I do. So that’s kind of what I like. I like the 50/50 option. Some people really like the hundred percent Steem Power pay out because then they can grow really fast. Their up vote value can be worth more. Their voting power is bigger. They can grow faster. It’s up to you. Whichever you want, but the main thing is you get paid on 75% of your post. Then of the 75%, it’s either split 50/50 into Steem Dollars and Steem Power, or it’s a hundred percent Steem Power.

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Now, something could be crazy like we said you’ve got 40 Steem Dollars but you only got 12 or so Steem Power. That is because the Steem Power is worth more than the Steem Dollars on a conversion within your wallet. It’s kind of goofy because these conversions don’t match up with Steem and with Steem Power & SBD when you send them over to Bittrex or Poloniex, or some other trading, blocktrades, or something like that. The conversions, the mathematics don’t really work out too well.

If you have some great way of calculating it, put it in the comments below. That would be cool. But just know, like if you get 10 Steem Power and you get 30 SBD payout, the 10 Steem power is equal to that 30 SBD. So it’s equal because your payout of the 75 percent of your post is half-and-half between the two. So that’s a cool way to remember it.

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Now, another thing that a lot of people have trouble with is maybe on day one they paid to boost it, or they get a ton of Wales to vote on it, and the post is a hundred bucks. By day 7, that post is only 80, and they say ‘well how could that happen?’ If that’s you. If you’re questioning that. Check out the other videos I’ve made. You’ll see them; a card will come up, check out those videos because it explains the process of the Steem rewards, and Steem Dollars, and all of this, and how it all works out.

In a nutshell, basically what happens is, every week there is a set amount of money released to the blockchain. Once all of that money is used up. Then money is taken from underperforming or other posts. So if you paid to boost your post on day one. You got a hundred bucks, and no other activity happens on it for seven days. You will have some of that money taken from your post and reallocated to other posts that are doing well. That are like going viral or doing whatever. Because the initial amount released in the blockchain is fixed.

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This is why Steemit works really well because there’s not a new flood of money. It’s every week. There’s a fixed amount that gets made. It gets created by people called witnesses, or miners if you look into the cryptocurrency world. A certain amount is created every week. Once it’s gone, then the rest is taken from the general pool and is reallocated elsewhere. After seven days it’s paid out. Now it’s yours. Done. So after seven days is that is when your post payout will be real.

If you go to your posts, you can click on the number and a little drop down will happen. It shows you a cool breakdown of percent to curator’s, percent to you, amount of this, that, how many hours until you get paid out. That’s cool. So basically, on the sixth day of your post, when there’s like 12 hours till payout, that is the most reliable indicator of how much you’re going to make on that post.

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For now, just know that you, personally as a creator, get 75% of the dollar amount of your post. 25% goes to curators people that upvote and resteem. Of the 75%, you can choose either to have a 50/50 split Steem Dollars and Steem Power or 100 percent Steem Power. If in any time during the seven days it goes down, it is because it has been reallocated to other areas. After the seven days, that is when it is locked, fixed, and it’s paid out to you.

I want to hear from you in the comments below. If you have any questions about this, or if you have any insight, or hints, or tips, or any valuable information relating to it that you think would be helpful. Post it in the comments below. I’ll get on talk to you guys whenever I can. In addition, read other people’s comments, take the time to help them out, reply to them, let’s keep going and help each other out. Also, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you so that you can make informed decisions about the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.

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