Discord and Steemit Chat are two places where you can connect with people off of Steemit. This is important because Steemit doesn’t have a messaging system. Therefore, you can use these external places to chat with others and get to know them. Connecting with other people is essential if you want to grow your Steemit following. The more people that you get to know, and that get to know you, the better. By networking with them, you’ll alert them to your Steemit blog, and they may start to follow you.

Watch the video to learn all how to connect with people off Steemit. If videos aren’t your thing, then check out the transcript below to read more information connecting with people on Discord and Steemit Chat.

Steemit is a great place for meeting and connecting with people from all over the world. The trouble is Steemit doesn’t really have a messaging system or a way to communicate with people without using comments. How can you connect with people off Steemit but still be related to Steemit? Find out – coming up next.

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Hey, guys, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching this YouTube channel. It’s all about making information known to you. We’ve got software reviews, plugin reviews, online hints and tips, social media how-to, and lots of information about how to be successful on the Steemit blog platform. So you can spread your message, grow your following, and start making money online.

Today we are going to talk about connecting with people off Steemit, but it’s gonna be still related to Steemit. Steemit is a great place. There’s so much value. There’s so much information. Not to mention you can make a living there and become financially free. I mean, at this point in time, Steem and Steem Dollars, or SBD, are roughly about $5 per every one American dollar or USD. That’s one to five! That’s huge! If your post earns a hundred, that means you’ve earned five hundred dollars. That is incredible! You have the potential to become financially free simply by blogging, and then you’ll get paid for it. It’s really cool.

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But how can you connect with people, and private message them, or chat with them without everybody seeing it or without doing it in the comments of posts? Because doing it in the comments of posts could be spam or bad comment etiquette. It’s just not that good. Find out some best practices of commenting in a different video I did. You’ll see a little card pop up here. You can click on it, watch that video, I recommend it. It will help you out a lot.

So, where can you connect with people relating to Steemit off Steemit? There are two primary places that you can do this. Of course, you can connect with people on other social media networks. Just drop something in the comments. ‘Hey connect with me on my other social networks. Here they are here.’ Put a webpage up with all your social media pages listed. They can go there, click on them, friend you, add you, whatever. Or you can add them. And, you should be posting these social media connections in the end matter of your post, which means they could click on all of your Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., and connect with you there.

Anyway, there are two places specifically dedicated to Steemit. The first one is Discord. The second is Steemit Chat. These two places are really cool. I personally prefer Discord. I think Steemit Chat is a little bit tougher to use. Outdated. It’s more like a big spammy type place. It’s like MySpace versus Facebook. I prefer Facebook. So discord is like Facebook. Discord is like a big video game gamer’s type connecting platform, and Steemit has now become big on Discord as well.

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So Steemit Chat is a cool place. You can get on there. It’s easy to create an account. It’s free, of course. Get on there. There are tons of chat rooms you can find by tons of categories. I recommend you get on there anyway because it would be cool for you to be able to post in there and connect with people even if it’s not your preferred method. You should get an account on both of them. So get on Steemit Chat. You can find me on there I’ll put a link to my profile in the description below. You can find me on Steemit chat if you want. No guarantees that I’ll get back to you because, like I said, I don’t really check it that often.

However, you can join as many different rooms as you want for any topics you want. You can join post promotion stuff and just post all your links in there. It’s not counted as spam. You can post all you want in there. Post promotion. That’s what it’s for. That will help bring people to your posts. They’ll see your post; maybe it’ll get you some more followers and upvotes. You can also join certain rooms.

Like, let’s say you post on health and fitness articles, you can join health and fitness rooms, fitness rooms, health, dieting, etc. and then you can share all your articles in those rooms as well. Now by rooms, we’re just talking about like a chatroom. That’s basically what it is. You can also private message people on Steemit Chat. So you can find someone that you’ve connected with on Steemit, find them on Steemit Chat, send them a private message, talk about whatever you want. Doesn’t matter. But you can communicate with them one-on-one without everybody else seeing. So that’s a cool feature.

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The next place and this is the place that I prefer. I like it a lot. It’s called Discord. Now, when you sign up for a Discord account, which is, of course, free. You can create a server, and you’ll name the server whatever you want. I named mine CIA Super Spy. This is because that’s what my servers have always been. It’s always been a neat name. It’s kind of dope. Whatever. But people like it, and I don’t really have a lot going on in there. I usually join other people’s servers. You can do whatever you want. You can create your own server. You can get people to join. You can create a whole little community, a whole world, or you can join other people.

I recommend you join other people, and if you want to create your own, go for it. But the main thing is you can connect with all kinds of people on Discord. Now one very important point that I want to make is when you start a Steemit Chat account and a Discord account you use the exact same username that you have on Steemit. So for me, personally, mine is @SpencerCoffman. You can follow me on Steemit under @SpencerCoffman on Steemit Chat it’s @SpencerCoffman on Discord it’s @SpencerCoffman. It’s all the same. It makes it really easy for people to find it. If @SpencerCoffman was not available, then I’ve done @SpencerCoffman8, so that helps out too. So if you can’t find me anywhere under Spencer Coffman try Spencer Coffman 8. There I’ll be, you’ll see a picture of my face, the million-dollar smile, no big deal. But use the same username across all your platforms to make it easy for people to find you.

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On Discord, you can join a number of servers. We’ll have another video about all the useful servers that I think you should join coming up after a while but get on Discord. You can connect with people, communicate with them; you can have post promotion, you can chat with people, there are so many great resources in different servers that you can become a part of. In addition, you can learn so much on Discord just by communicating with people.

It will also really help your Steemit awareness because if you’re posting and talking to people, you’re gonna get to know people. They’re gonna want to follow you, and they’ll follow you on Steemit. So it’s gonna help you out big time. So, in my opinion, get on Steemit Chat and get on Discord. Use the same username on both as the Steemit account. I personally prefer Discord. You can make your own decisions as long as you create an account on both of them, start sharing your posts in as many posts promotion rooms that you can, and connect with people.

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I want to hear about anything relating to this video, if you have any other ways of connecting with people, or if you have any suggestions post them in the comments below. I want to hear from you. In addition, read the other people’s comments in there, Reply to them. Respond to them. You guys can learn a lot from each other and help each other out a lot more than I can probably help you. So do that. I’ll get on there, reply to comments, join in on the discussion as often as I can. In addition, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you so you can make the decisions you have to make about the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.

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