Writing is one of the best ways to encode data into the memory of students. When people write things down they are not only thinking of it but they are also physicalizing it. Therefore, they are much more likely to remember it.

There are a number of different ways in which students can write to improve their memory and learning experience. However, the trick is making sure that they do not become tired of doing those writing exercises.

Therefore, here are three successful writing tasks that can be sued to improve learning and ensure that the students do not become bored.

Free Writing

Free writing tasks are great to improve learning and memory. In free writing, students are given a prompt and then they write about it. This should be done on a regular basis so that students get into the habit of writing.

In addition, requirements and criteria should be set up beforehand. I believe that having students keep a daily journal is the best use of this technique. A teacher can give the students a calendar with a few different prompt options for each day. The student can simply look at it every morning when he or she arrives at school and complete the writing assignment.

Grades can be based upon completion so that the students do not worry about anything other than expressing themselves. If the students have spare time throughout the day they can go back and complete the additional prompts for the day for fun or extra credit.

Basket Writing

Another successful writing method is basket writing. This method involves writing several prompts on different pieces of paper and then placing all of those prompts into a basket. Students then draw a select number of prompts out of the basket and then write a story about them.

If you wish to have the students really engage then allow them to come up with all of the prompts ahead of time. This is perhaps my favorite method because it allows everyone to actively think and use his or her imagination. Not only do the students write the prompts on the different slips of paper, but they also get to combine them in a story based on whichever slips they happen to draw.

It can be a pretty fun and entertaining exercise.

Never Make Grammatical Errors Again!


This is another fun task that students seem to enjoy. Ad-libs are very popular and there is something about having a story and getting to choose how the events take place really appeals to kids. The teacher may choose to purchase ad lib books for students or create their own.

In addition, you could even have the students help you create the ad-lib story. One thing to make sure of is to allow at least three different options for each of the blank spaces in the story. This way, students will be able to craft the story however they like.

Not only is it fun for most students to fill in the blanks with their choice word, it is also fun and entertaining for the teacher to read and grade. In addition, you can really learn a lot about a student’s personality by how he or she completes the story.


In general, the most successful writing methods are methods that are fun for both the students and the teacher. They are methods that both the students and the teacher can help create and have fun completing. After all, if you are having fun there is a much greater chance that you will learn more than if you are bored out of your mind.

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