Writing a high-quality press release is essential for a successful marketing campaign. If you have persuasive and compelling copy then more organizations will pick up your press release and feature it for you. That means that more individuals are going to see your press release. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many people see it, what matters is that they are compelled to click on your link. Therefore, having compelling copy is the key to success when writing a press release.

You not only need compel organizations to pick up your press release and air it for you, but you also need to compel individual readers to click on the links within your press release so they are directed to your product. Fortunately, this article is going to show you how to write a killer press release that will hopefully be picked up by several organizations and have a high click-through rate so that it will drive traffic to your site.

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The ideal press release is going to accomplish 3 key objectives:

It is going to spread the word about your product.

It will provide high-quality backlinks to your website.

It will compel readers to click-through to your website.

In order to accomplish these 3 objectives, structure your press release as follows.

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The Headline – aka. Title

The title is the most important aspect of your press release. It is what draws the reader in and inspires them to read more. Your title should be specific and use your keywords, ideally within the first few words. In addition, it should instantly grab the reader’s attention and be interesting enough that they want to read further. It should be no more than three sentences long and is best when less than 30 words including the product name and creator. It should have an enticing phrase that tells what your product is going to do, followed by the name of the product, and whoever made the product.

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Example – “The truth hurts, but it doesn’t have to hurt you. Read A Guide To Deception by Author Spencer Coffman and never be lied to again.”

As you can see, the keyword phrase “the truth hurts” is at the beginning of the sentence. The phrase “but it doesn’t have to hurt you” is enticing because many people have been hurt by a truth at some point in their life. After that, you can see the book title as well as the author’s name. Then there is a final closing line, a bold statement that will shock and awe readers so that they will continue reading to find out whether or not it is too good to be true.

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The Summary

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The summary is basically a sneak peek of your press release. It should contain your keywords and your product title in the first line or two. It would also be a good idea to include the name of the creator as well. Avoid placing any links in your summary. You will have links in your full press release and in the contact information section. The summary should be roughly one-third of the length of your full press release, or generally around 100 to 200 words.

Some summaries can be shorter. However, it is best if you stick to the one-third rule because some organizations may only choose to publish your summary instead of your entire press release. If an organization chooses to only publish your summary, they will include your contact information as well. Therefore, your links will still be present. It is very unlikely that an organization will neglect to use your full press release. However, in case they do, it is wise to have a well-written summary.

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The Main Body

The main body is where you are going to write out your full press release. This section will contain all of the information about your product and any important information you want the readers to know. This section should be written in the third person from your perspective, and the second person from your reader’s perspective. Basically, it needs to sound like you are talking directly to your reader telling him or her about a great new product that you made specifically for him or her.

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The body section should be around 400 words long and will contain your backlinks. When placing your backlinks, use the less is more approach. The goal of your press release is to get the information out there. Try to use no more than 3 in-text links, as some organizations may not allow multiple links. Some places don’t allow any in-text links and only use the link from your contact information section. Therefore, make sure to do your research so that you know the requirements.

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It is important to note that when you submit your press release to an organization that allows more than one in-text link that you always link to a separate page on your website. In other words, both of your links should not go to the same webpage. If you have multiple links within a document, Google and the other search engines will not count it as two backlinks because they are both the same. Therefore, you will only receive one backlink. In order to maximize your link juice, have one link go directly to your product page and another going to your homepage, or somewhere else on your site. That way you will receive a backlink for each of the links in your document.

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Toward the end of the body section of your press release, you need to include a call to action. This is where you will direct your readers to get more information or purchase your product. Use an in-text link that will take them directly to your product page. Generally, the call to action is only a few sentences long.

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Contact Information

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After you have finished the main body and added a good call to action, you are going to finish your press release by including your contact details. This is very important because, often times, the press and media will want to contact you for more information. Therefore, the first thing you need to state is your name. Also be sure to include your website, as well as a direct link to your product page. In addition, it is very helpful to include a contact email, phone number, and business address. However, this is optional. You may also choose to add links to your social media profiles. When adding social media, stick to the main networks such as FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus, and LinkedIn. Again, this is optional. Really, the core of the contact information is your name, website, and product page.

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Submitting Your Release

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Once you have written a killer press release, it is imperative that you publish it on your own website FIRST. It is very important that you are credited with the first publication of your press release to ensure maximum link juice is passed to your pages. This will also help organizations and media outlets find your press release. Some of them may even ask you if they can publish it on their site! Beneath your press release, place a link to every place where that press release was published. This will make the organizations happy because you will be giving them a backlink. It’s a great way of saying, “thank you for picking up my press release”. To see an example of how this is done check out the press releases on my website.

There you have it. That is how to write a killer press release that will get the word out on your product and provide high-quality backlinks to your site. Hopefully, it will also be picked up by several organizations, have a high click-through rate, and generate sales for you. For more information on leveraging your press release to generate more traffic take a look at this article. In addition, for a list of organizations to which you can submit your press release, go here.

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For more great information take a look at the supplemental content on this website and check out these great blog posts. In addition, feel free to connect with me on social media.

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