The End Times Prophecy A Biblical Study Of What’s To Come Spencer Coffman
  • What the visions in the book of Daniel Chapter 7 really mean.
  • What the book of Revelation is all about.
  • How they are tied together.
  • Whether or not you are living in the end-times?
  • And Much More!

“This is a great devotional that you can use to spur discussion about a vast topic that so many people seek to understand.”

You will study the end-times as they are written in the books of Daniel and Revelation. This study will provide you with 14 great lessons that take you step-by-step through each detail of the visions of the end-times. They are written in a simple easy to read format and are great for starting a discussion or research. You can use this study on your own or take it with you to a church group study. The more people you involve the better discussion you will have.

Spencer Coffman grew up going to Sunday school and church on a weekly basis. He went through the AWANA program and memorized over 1500 Bible verses to earn the Timothy Award, Meritorious Award, and the Citation. The highest AWANA award. When he was 15, he led an adult Bible study in church with 20 or so regular attendees who discussed a variety of controversial topics throughout the Bible. Since then, he has continued to study the Bible and discuss the topics within.

Title: The End-Times Prophecy
Format: PBK, eBook
Author: Spencer Coffman
Cover Design: Spencer Coffman
Editor: Spencer Coffman
Publisher: Spencer Coffman
Originally Published: July 2017
ISBN: 979-8-6512338-9-2 (Paperback) June 2020
ISBN: 978-1-3706079-9-0 (Digital) July 2017
Weight: 3.25oz
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