Get Backlinks
Backlinks are a huge part of SEO and site rank. The more places that point to your URL the better it will perform. This is a simple example of a backlink to my site.

Web crawlers, bots, and spiders will see your URL all over the internet and believe it is important. Therefore, they will rank it up. However, you need to do more than merely backlink.

Make Sure You Ping
Pinging allows your links to be found significantly faster. If you want to boost your traffic and ranking, then you need to make sure they are pinged. After all, how much good can they do if you don’t immediately tell people where they are located?

Index Your Links With Search Engines
You also need to make sure that your backlinks are indexed so search engines will follow them to your website.  Ideally, you create backlinks, ping them so they are found, then index them so search engines can follow them back to your site. This ensures they are found and crawled right away

What is a backlink?
A Backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be.

What is pinging?
Pinging tells search engines that your site has made an update and will get it indexed faster. When you ping backlinks you are telling search engines to crawl the backlink page so they will find your link and follow it to your site. This builds your authority.

What is indexing?
Indexing a link is directly submitting that link to the search engines. Basically, you are handing them that information so they don’t have to find it. When you index backlinks they are found and crawled much faster. That means your URL is found and your site gains authority and rank.

What should I do for maximum results?
You should do all three for maximum results. When you build backlinks you have to wait for search engines to find and crawl them. When you ping links you point engines in the right direction so they can find and crawl them. When you index links, they are found and will be crawled right away.

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