Growing fast on Steemit requires a lot of work. However, there is one significant tactic that, if you can do, will help you grow extremely fast on Steemit. It is more than participating, posting, et cetera. This is something huge.

Watch this video to find out what it is according to Yabapmatt. If videos aren’t your thing, then check out the transcript below to read all about how you can skyrocket your Steemit following!

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching this YouTube channel. It’s all about making information known to you. Today, we’ve got a special preview for you of an interview with Steemit whale @Yabapmatt. Take a look at this question – coming up next.

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Spencer: What advice do you have, or some suggestions that you have, how can people out there who are watching this, how can they grow their Steemit accounts as fast as possible?

Matt: So that’s that’s a good question. There’s a lot of people ask that same thing one thing. I’d like to say that, you know, as fast as possible. I try to say that it’s not a quick thing, you know? You always hear that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take effort. And I think it’s important that people understand that. But the thing is, I think it takes a lot less time and effort for the results that you can get here then pretty much anywhere else I know of right now. Definitely, on YouTube, or medium, or whatever, you’re not gonna get what you can currently get on Steem. For relatively little time and effort comparatively, but, so what can you do to grow?

I mean, I think there’s two key things. One, you you really have to put out content that has value to other people. There’s lots of ways that that content can create value. It can be, you know, it can be funny. People just like reading it. People like reading funny stuff. That’s valuable. It can be, you know, good information that you know people didn’t know about. Or that you can’t get other places. That’s also very valuable. It can also literally be tools and services that are directly valuable because they help you make money, you know? So there’s lots of ways to create value and, you know, on Steem, right now, it’s a relatively small community.

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Obviously, people are mostly focused on crypto currencies, and Steem in particular, so you know while there may be a lot of value in your thoughts on, you know, growing a garden. It may not be what the Steem community is that interested in right now. So I’m also, I mean, I’m really looking forward to the future with communities and lots of different sites. So, you know, you can kind of go to the place that’s tailored to your specific, you know, content and your interests.

But for right now, you know if you want to, you want to grow as fast as possible you kind of got a tailor what you’re doing to what the people on the platform currently like and what they find valuable. And there’s there’s been a few good examples that I’ve seen of people who were vlogging about say, movies or something, but they’re able to tie it in this theme, and they’re able to tie it and do crypto currencies in a way that gets people interested. At least it got me interested even though I’m not particularly into the movies that they were talking about. That’s just one example, but that’s just the first part.

So, like I said before, you can’t just throw up valuable content. Even if it’s super valuable, and just expect everyone to find out about it organically. So you know if you really want to grow on top of your good content. You also have to promote it. Again, like I said, you have to advertise it. You have to get your name out there. You have to get it in front of people. And there it, you know, takes some effort. Also, investment helps but it’s it’s doable. It’s very doable. Again, more so, I think on Steem right now than on any other platform that exists.

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Spencer: Well, that’s really encouraging to hear that you believe Steem is the quickest, the best, place for people to grow. It’s the fastest. They can grow here faster than YouTube, everywhere else. Obviously, yes, it still does take a little bit of time, because everything worthwhile takes some time.

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Spencer: So that was it. I hope you learned something from it. Be sure to check out the full interview for all the questions, more information, and a lot more of an in-depth look at everything. Also follow @yabapmatt@SpencerCoffman, and the @steemitvideos accounts on Steemit. Make use of SteemBotTracker and all those other tools that yabapmatt provides. In addition, if you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below. He or I will get back to you, and hopefully, you can learn even more from us. Also, if this is your first time on this channel I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you, teaching you the things that you need to know in order to be successful online. Until next time.

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