Do you wanna know what it takes to become a whale on Steemit? How about how to rapidly grow your following by helping other people succeed?

This video is something very special. It is an interview with Steemit witness Yabapmatt or Matt Rosen. He has grown a huge following on Steemit and has helped many other people grow and become successful as well.

In addition, Matt is the creator of the amazing tool Steem Bot Tracker where you can see the values of different bid bots and use them to help advertise your posts. It is a great way for you to get some publicity on your posts. In fact, it is currently the only place where you can get free advertising!

Watch the video to learn more about what you can do on Steemit to be more effective. Discover some great tips on how to increase your followers. Learn how to earn more. See what you can do to help others while also helping yourself and so much more!

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Hey guys! Today we have a very special video for you. We’ve got an interview coming up with an amazing Steemian who has created something really cool and we’re gonna talk all about it. We’re gonna interview him, hear what he has to say, see what he’s all about, and you are gonna learn a lot from him. We have a big interview – coming up next.

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Spencer: Hey guys, thanks for watching this channel. It’s all about making information known to you. We’ve got a big interview coming up today, and it is with a cool Steemian named Yabba Matt, Y-A-B-A-P-M-A-T-T. He has created some cool things on Steemit that you can use. You probably already use them. I’ve done videos on them before, and I am so excited to be able to interview him today. So, Matt, thanks for being on with us today. It is great to have you here.

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Matt: Thank You, Spencer. It’s great to be here. I really appreciate you having me on. This is my first official video interview, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Spencer: Yeah, it’s great to have you. So for the viewers out there who don’t really know who you are, who don’t know what you do. Tell us a little bit about who you are and about yourself, real quick, and then we’ll dive into some questions.

Matt: So I have a background in software development. Mostly, you know, web development and dot net applications for, you know, kind of enterprise businesses. Now I mostly do management of software development projects, and I have a full-time job. I also have a family. But, specifically, Steem has been kind of my passion, you know, building tools and products for the Steem platform and ecosystem, you know. Over the last eight months, or so, most of you know I’ve built a Steem Bot Tracker website. Also, the post promoter software that runs a lot of the voting bots on there as well. As you know, a bunch of other tools and services some related to bots, some other things, it’s just basically anything that I think can help out and that I actually have the time and know how to do well.

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Spencer: Yeah. So you run the Steem Bot Tracker, which is an amazing tool that we’re gonna come to later, and a post promoter bot that I use frequently. I love it! It’s great. So when, do you remember, why you first joined Steemit and when that was? And whatever you can, kind of, remember about that. Why you came to the platform and what, you know, how you got indoctrinated to Steemit and why you joined. I guess would be the next question. So let’s hear about it.

Matt: I first joined Steem in August of last year (2017), so relatively recently I guess you could say. I don’t remember specifically what got me to Steem. It was around that time that I really started to get into crypto currencies, in general. So I assumed just through Googling, and whatever, I came across some Steem posts. I guess and signed up, you know? I first actually started getting in to Bitcoin in 2012. I started mining it on my computer, at home, and it was right around the time when my son was born, and we, you know, moved into a new house and all this stuff. So I just didn’t have time really for any of that, so I stopped. And I think, I think after that, I was both like being busy and just being annoyed that I didn’t just leave the application mining on my computer.

Then I tried to just kind of ignore Bitcoin and how well it was doing. But, I guess, last summer it was kind of, you couldn’t ignore these things anymore, and also it’s just like as a developer and someone who kind of really agrees with all the things behind Bitcoin and crypto currencies and decentralization of money and many other things. I guess it’s really no surprise that I’ve gotten very into it over the past eight months. And I’m really glad that I also found Steem, because you know, of the crypto currencies that I have, Steem’s the only one that I really use, and it’s great. It’s a great community, and I wouldn’t nearly be as involved in the whole space I think if it wasn’t for Steem.

Spencer: I’m definitely with you there! Bitcoin was something that I experimented with a little bit and I wanted to get into mining but I I never did. I’d like to get into witnessing with Steem. They’ve got kind of mine some of that, but that’s tough. And when you say that you kind of ignored Bitcoin for a while, that’s something that I wrote an article on on why I believe, I agree with you, Steem is one of the best places to invest. I think it’s the best place to invest and it’s unique. It’s a great community. I love it! Interviews like this are excellent. Hopefully, we’ll reach a lot more people and point more people towards this and help them grow on Steemit as well. So you have grown to be very large on Steemit. Do you remember what you did, or how you got your first thousand followers?

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Matt: My first thousand followers. I guess really it was, yeah, I built a tool that a lot of people liked and a lot of people used. And, I promoted it. So that’s that’s key. I mean, you know, if you build it, they don’t just necessarily come. And I think that’s a lot of the frustration that people have on Steem. They think, ‘oh I’ll go and put something up that’s neat, or I’ll write great content,’ and they just expect everyone to come and all these votes to come, but it doesn’t work like that. You gotta really promote what you’re doing. And, you know, it just so happens that what I built also helps with that type of promotion.

Spencer: So building that tool was the success that gave you those thousand followers. And that is very important. Like you said when you build something people don’t necessarily follow and go there. Like, you can write the best blog content in the world, but if no one is there to see it, it’s the worst. And that is where promotion really comes in, and there are a ton of people on Steemit that say that self-promotion is terrible. But to them, I say, ‘how can you tell other people about your stuff if you’re not promoting it?’ You have to do some self-promotion. Obviously, you don’t want to spam things. But I think that that is key, and promoting things really is the way to get it out there. So, yes, create something great and promote it and you did that very well, and you’re now over 4,000 followers, and that is tremendous. What advice do you have, or some suggestions that you have, how can people out there who are watching this, how can they grow their Steemit accounts as fast as possible?

Matt: So that’s that’s a good question. There’s a lot of people ask that same thing one thing. I’d like to say that, you know, as fast as possible. I try to say that it’s not a quick thing, you know? You always hear that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take effort. And I think it’s important that people understand that. But the thing is, I think it takes a lot less time and effort for the results that you can get here then pretty much anywhere else I know of right now. Definitely, on YouTube, or medium, or whatever, you’re not gonna get what you can currently get on Steem. For relatively little time and effort comparatively, but, so what can you do to grow?

I mean, I think there’s two key things. One, you you really have to put out content that has value to other people. There’s lots of ways that that content can create value. It can be, you know, it can be funny. People just like reading it. People like reading funny stuff. That’s valuable. It can be, you know, good information that you know people didn’t know about. Or that you can’t get other places. That’s also very valuable. It can also literally be tools and services that are directly valuable because they help you make money, you know? So there’s lots of ways to create value and, you know, on Steem, right now, it’s a relatively small community.

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Obviously, people are mostly focused on crypto currencies, and Steem in particular, so you know while there may be a lot of value in your thoughts on, you know, growing a garden. It may not be what the Steem community is that interested in right now. So I’m also, I mean, I’m really looking forward to the future with communities and lots of different sites. So, you know, you can kind of go to the place that’s tailored to your specific, you know, content and your interests.

But for right now, you know if you want to, you want to grow as fast as possible you kind of got a tailor what you’re doing to what the people on the platform currently like and what they find valuable. And there’s there’s been a few good examples that I’ve seen of people who were vlogging about say, movies or something, but they’re able to tie it in this theme, and they’re able to tie it and do crypto currencies in a way that gets people interested. At least it got me interested even though I’m not particularly into the movies that they were talking about. That’s just one example, but that’s just the first part.

So, like I said before, you can’t just throw up valuable content. Even if it’s super valuable, and just expect everyone to find out about it organically. So you know if you really want to grow on top of your good content. You also have to promote it. Again, like I said, you have to advertise it. You have to get your name out there. You have to get it in front of people. And there it, you know, takes some effort. Also, investment helps but it’s it’s doable. It’s very doable. Again, more so, I think on Steem right now than on any other platform that exists.

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Spencer: Well, that’s really encouraging to hear that you believe Steem is the quickest, the best, place for people to grow. It’s the fastest. They can grow here faster than YouTube, everywhere else. Obviously, yes, it still does take a little bit of time, because everything worthwhile takes some time. You mentioned there are two ways, and I really love the two ways. You said valuable content. That’s something that I advocate for all the time. If you want people to find you, and follow you, you need to create valuable content.

Then you mentioned something else about information. Providing information, valuable and informative content. People will like it or, obviously, entertainment. Be funny. Things like that. I did a video on how to create a blog that doesn’t suck that incorporated both of those things. It’s got to be funny or useful. And if it’s not funny or useful, guess what? There’s only one other thing it can be, and that is useless.

And then, even if you create the best content out there, no one is gonna find it unless you promote it, which I agree with a hundred percent. You need to get your name out there. You have to build a brand. It is something that is so so important in today’s world, and Internet ventures, and everything like that. And what you said with finding the right niche with Steemit should be. If you’re posting on Steemit, cryptocurrency is hot on Steemit right now. If you’re posting, like you said, about gardening, or something. There may not be that many people on Steemit that are interested in gardening now.

That’s just because the gardening people have not discovered Steemit yet. But if you start posting on Steemit about gardening, then you promote in your gardening Facebook groups, of getting people to follow your Steemit gardening account. That could work because there may be a lot of good gardening communities on Facebook that have not yet discovered Steemit. So you do have to promote. And you mentioned that it takes time, it takes effort, and it takes investment. So that’s the next question. Did you invest in, or buy, any Steem or SBD? And what are your thoughts on that?

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Matt: Yeah. I definitely purchased Steem. A lot of it. At least being relative to the amount of money I had available. So I, you know for those of you who have read my blog for a while, you might remember I made a post that I actually set up an IRA to invest, you know, our retirement savings into crypto currencies. The majority ended up going into Steem. So, you know, literally betting, you know, a significant portion of our savings on this. And which I’m very happy with so far, and I think it will work out very well over the long run. But, I mean, you know, kind of like I said before I got in, I first bought Steem and Steem dollars specifically to promote my posts and to promote my content using voting bots.

That was that was literally what, you know, led me to invest in Steem for the first time. Probably kick-started everything that I’ve done. And, that, the fact that I’m doing this video was an opportunity from voting bots. And I know a few other people, at least, that have the same experience, so they’re actually, really, it’s one of the things I think that’s a really good thing about voting bots. Is, it encourages people who may not otherwise have done so, to make that first purchase of Steem or Steem dollars to, you know, promote their content and start really using it. And so that’s, I mean, that literally very directly helped grow my account. That investment and there’s lots of other ways, obviously, that investment in Steem can help grow your account.

Just, you know, people, a lot of people, on that platform are looking for upvotes. So if you have a significant amount of Steem Power, you know, then you’re kind of a little more popular automatically. But the the kind of bang for your buck that you can get from using voting bots is a lot more than you can for Steem Power. Where you need, you know, like tens of thousands. I think to, kind of, make a difference from voting, at least at the current Steem prices.

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Spencer: I’m with ya. Steemit is a great place to invest. You took a huge risk when you diverted, I mean, a significant chunk of your savings over to the Steem platform and SBD. And investing in that, and, you know, hopefully, it is paying off for you. I’m glad you’re happy with it. I kind of hope that the whole thing really gets popular and then you won’t even need to worry about retirement. You know and neither will your kids, or your grandkids, or anything! I know you, and I are in the same boat with that. I invested a significant portion in Steem and Steem dollars with the same reason you did.

I did it to power up and promote my posts and used that Steem and SBD to buy votes from voting bots. I agree with you. It’s a great return. You get a really good bang for your buck. It’s, within a week’s time, you can retrieve like ten or twenty percent returns. Now, obviously, some of that goes into Steem, and some of that goes into Steem Power, so your spendable money isn’t as high. Which is a problem I’m running into? I invested a ton of money in Steem and now all of a sudden every post payout I have 50/50 – Steem Power and Steem Dollars. So my Steem Dollars are a lot less. So, I mean, you’ll run out of spending money eventually, but you hope that by that point, you will become more known, and more people will vote on you. So that’s really cool.

Do you do you recommend that other people invest in Steem and Steem Dollars? You kind of touched on this by saying, you know, that it’s a direct result of helping you grow your account. But would you advise it for other people? Would you suggest that it’s a good idea for them, if they can, if they have the means, obviously, we wouldn’t advise everyone to do what you and I did and invest a significant portion of their retirement accounts, or their savings, in that. But if they are making an income, and they have 50 extra dollars a week, or 100 extra bucks a week, would you suggest, you know, that they try to invest in Steem and the Steem at platform monetarily?

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Matt: I just, I don’t want to give any investing advice, but I’ll just give my opinion. Obviously, I have a significant investment in Steem, over other crypto currencies. And the reason is just simply because it’s really the only utility token that I’ve found that really is being used, at least to some degree, for its utility already. Most other utility tokens, that I know of, are just, you know, they may be used at some point in the future for whatever utility they’re supposed to provide, you know? But Steem is used every day for its utility.

You know one of the main utilities of Steem is for advertising your content. So that’s one of the reasons I really like it. I mean, for example, all my other crypto currencies they just, they just sit in my wallet, and I hope the price goes up. But Steem I use on a daily basis and so do a lot of other people. So just that in itself, is kind of a big reason why I think Steem will hopefully, have a very very bright future.

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Spencer: Yes. You make a good point. We are not advocating any type of investment advice or saying that you should or shouldn’t do anything. This is not; we are not qualified to do that. We do not want to give you any investment advice. You cannot, you know, say that we gave you any advice because we’re giving you our opinions and what we think. Obviously, what we did and what you are gonna do is completely different, and it’s not the same. You’re not in the same situation. You don’t need to be following anything that we are saying here. But I agree, and say that, you know, Steem, over other crypto currencies, is great because you made an excellent point about the utility.

It is a very useful cryptocurrency, and it’s being used on a daily basis. And, to me, that is something. I agree with you that it is a cool place, and that’s why I wrote that article on why I think it’s the best place to invest. So you use Steem and other things to use voting bots, and then you created an excellent tool, which you’ve mentioned before called Steem Bot Tracker. Now, this started out as like an Amazon Web Services thing, and now you have your own domain name. Steem Bot Tracker dot com. What motivated you to create this amazing tool that so many people now use?

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Matt: When I first started using Steem, I came, and I made some posts and no one read them because I had no followers. So I kind of stumbled across some voting bots and started to use them. And it was, it helped me a lot, and it really started to, you know, help me grow a following and get more organic votes on my content. But the problem at that time was you just kind of had to stumble upon these voting bots. There was no one place to go to find out about them. They all had different rules. It was often difficult to find out what those rules were. If you did something wrong, you would just lose your money, which, you know, kind of made it scary for new people definitely. And, a lot of the bid based voting bots also, you know, you would just kind of send them money and hope it worked out okay. A lot of times rounds would be way way over bid, and you would just, you know, lose a lot.

So I found myself going through the transaction histories and adding stuff up. And that was, obviously, a big pain. And, as a developer, you know, I thought ‘well is this all on a public block chain it should be should be pretty easy to automate this whole process.’ So that’s what I did. And, you know, initially I thought ‘okay I can just create this thing for myself to use’ but ultimately, I decided that it, you know, it would be better if I wanted to kind of continue on the Steem platform and be a part of it and help the platform grow to just let everyone use it. Because, you know, Steem is… One of the things I really like about Steem is that, you know, if you help everyone else succeed it helps you succeed in the in the sense that the price of Steem should go up if more people are on it and using it and being successful on it.

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Spencer: I am really amazed at, I mean, your level of knowledge with developing and code and everything like that because it takes a special person to be able to put all of that together and figure out how it’s going to work and play out and function as almost flawlessly as your Steem Bot Tracker does. I mean, it really, you retrieve all kinds of information, and yes, it’s a public block chain, but people who aren’t familiar with developing and code cannot find that kind of stuff. I mean, you mentioned how you go through, and you’re adding up all the different transactions. I mean what a pain, and so you have really done an amazing service for everyone on Steem.

I’m really thrilled, and I’m really happy, that you decided to make it public. And I’m glad that you made this tool and, I mean, I’m sure it took tons and tons of time and effort and everything, but we’ve kind of already answered this portion of would you recommend that people use voting bots? I mean, I think, you and I, we both know where we stand, and I’m sure the viewers know the answer that’s coming up. But would you recommend that they use paid voting bots to upvote their posts?

steemitvideos interview with yabapmatt spencer coffman 13

Matt: Well, I recommend that everyone who’s really trying to, kind of, grow their brand and create a business on Steem, I definitely recommend that they use the paid up vote bots. When I say that, you know, I look at a Steem blog literally as a business. You know you’re trying to get customers, which are your readers and your voters. And that provides revenue, and there are costs to doing that. Mostly it’s its time and effort. So, from a business perspective, you know, in order to get customers you need to advertise.

You can’t just, you know, open up a store out in the middle of nowhere and expect everyone to just come and know about you. And a lot of people expect that to happen, I think, on Steem. But you need to get your name out there, and there’s lots of different ways to do that. One way is using paid upload bots. I mean, they’re literally just advertising, or content promotion. So if you’re serious about it, and if you’re posting good content that people will actually like, then I think it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of that advertising opportunity.

On the other hand, I mean, if you’re just kind of messing around, or obviously if you’re spamming or anything like that, you should absolutely not use them or probably not even be doing that at all. But, you know, if you’re serious, and you know what you’re providing is good content that people would like, then you should absolutely use it. And one of the great things is typically in any other business that exists in the world, you would pay to advertise, and you hopefully, get new customers. But you don’t get any of that money back that you paid to advertise with.

If you if you buy a Facebook ad for $100 then you’re out that hundred dollars and you have to hope that the new business you get in as a result of that ad makes you more than the hundred dollars that you spent. On Steem, at the moment, with the paid upvote bots, you’ll get around your hundred dollars that you spend back. So you pay a hundred dollars to advertise through upvote bots you get almost all, or all, of that back and you get the advertising. So it’s, you know unless you have really bad content that people don’t like, you should be able to make a profit on it. And the profit comes from, you know, not directly from the voting bot. That’s ideal. It’s because you get more followers and you get more organic up votes.

So that’s, it helps your business and, you know, I only have anecdotal evidence of that, but the user @spiritualmax actually did, you know, somewhat scientific experiment where for a week he did not use voting bots in his posts and then for the week after that he did use voting bots on his posts. And he was able to show that, you know, all the metrics that he measured improved, you know, obviously from the use of voting bots. So it was a little bit more of a scientific proof that they do help and they get you more followers and more organic up votes and they, you know, are worth the money.

And I think, right now, you know, it’s very early on in the whole cryptocurrency space and very early on for Steem. So there’s a lot of opportunities, voting bots being one of them, that probably won’t exist, you know, if these things take off, you know, in a few years and the market becomes more and more efficient. You know these great opportunities where you basically have almost free advertising. Those will go away as more people come in and they’re willing to pay more for advertising even though they don’t get as much back. So I just encourage everyone to take advantage of it while it’s still here.

steemitvideos interview with yabapmatt spencer coffman 14

Spencer: I agree with you. I think voting bots are a very cool way to get your advertising costs back. That’s unbelievable and, in some cases, you may even get a return on your advertising investment. You may spend a hundred dollars on the voting bots, and you may get a vote back that’s worth a hundred and ten dollars. So you made 10%! I mean that, to me, is phenomenal. And to do that in a period of a week’s time, because it takes a week for you to get that post payout, that is amazing! And I definitely agree that using the voting bots is better than not using the voting bots because I have experienced some of that.

So now, with that though, there’s a strategy. Because a lot of the voting bots, the things change, rules change, the max minimum bids change, the max time changes, some used to be maybe six days now it’s like 2.5 days or three days. So all of these things, like you said, they change. And in a couple years, when it’s really popular, it is possible that it might not exist anymore. So yes, I agree with that, but now what would be the best way for people to use these voting bots, or use up votes, to get the maximum rewards on their Steemit posts?

steemitvideos interview with yabapmatt spencer coffman 15

Matt: Well, if by rewards you mean the maximum value up vote from the bots. I would say that’s not what I really think you should be looking at. You know, right now, it is possible, you know, to sort of game the system a little bit and directly make money, and make more money, than you spent from the votes that you get. That’s, I think like I mentioned before, only because it’s, you know, kind of a new young market that’s not quote-unquote efficient. Yeah, so you know, you can try to mess around with that, but I don’t, you know, I don’t want to comment on that.

What I will comment on, is that you know, it’s it’s almost free advertising. So the best way to earn the maximum rewards from that perspective is to produce the best content that you can to provide the most value through your posts as possible. That way, you can use the vote bots as, you know, as advertising. As a promotional tool, and you will get a lot more in return because your content is valuable. So the whole the whole idea of the voting bots is to just get your post in front of as many people as possible.

So if you do that, and all those people who now see it don’t like it. You’re not going to get a great return from that investment. But if you get it in front a lot of people and they really like it. That will give you a huge return because those people not only upvote you this one time, but they follow you and they resteem your posts, which gets you up votes and more followers from all your posts going forward without even needing to use the up vote bots or anything. So the return is kind of, you know, compound over time from doing this. And it all comes down to, you know, how much people like what you’ve provided. So for earning maximum rewards from the bots, I would say focus on providing the best content that you can. That really speaks to the audience that you’re reaching. And then the bots are really just a tool to get your work seen by that audience.

steemitvideos interview with yabapmatt spencer coffman 16

Spencer: That is some great advice. Use the up vote bots solely for the purpose of advertising and promoting your posts to get them in front of more people. And part of that could be when to vote. Is it better to wait until the three days and vote at the end? Or put it in the beginning? And I think part of that would be like you said, the best would be earlier. Obviously, because then your posts could get in the trending. If you get more up votes sooner, then your post starts trending, you get in front of more people they can upvote, follow you, resteem you, et cetera.

And the gaming the system part of using the upvote bots to make money, as you said, when it becomes more of an efficient system then that will no longer be possible. And I really think that for anyone watching this, the best thing is what you said, is they need to create good content and then promote that content with the bots to like just push it out in front of a ton of people. It’s like boosting a Facebook post. You create a great post on Steemit, boost it out to a ton of people on Steemit using those voting bots, and you will have long-lasting returns with votes, resteems, and follows. Is there any other advice that you have? Or any last comments? I mean we’re kind of running out of time here. What else would you like to say to everybody who’s watching this? Final thoughts, final words, go ahead.

steemitvideos interview with yabapmatt spencer coffman 17

Matt: Yeah, so I mean, there could be all sorts of different people, I guess, who are watching this. But especially for those of you who are newer to the platform. Welcome, and very glad that there are a lot of new faces on here. You know, one of the things that I don’t like is that because of the monetization system, it kind of just encourages everyone to post, and post, and post, and post, as much as you can just for the sake of posting and just to earn the rewards from posting. Rather than traditionally when there isn’t that reward system. People are, you know, there’s no reason to just post unless you really have something kind of important, or that people will really find valuable to post about.

So I would really encourage people to comment more rather than post more. Because one of the things I think is lacking on Steem, compared to other platforms, is good high-quality comments. And, I know, especially with myself, and a lot of whales who have much more Steem Power than I do, really appreciate when people take the time to write thoughtful comments on their posts. And they give it significant up votes. So I think you can earn more direct money for the time that you invest by commenting. And also earn more from a reputation perspective both the actual, you know, reputations stored on the block chain and just people actually knowing about you. Who you are and, you know, that that you’re taking the time to read your post, their posts, and and providing some thoughtful comments.

So you know what I would like to see is a lot more people reading and commenting with things that aren’t just ‘great post up vote me’ rather just posting just for the sake of posting. Because they feel like they have to post every day, or that’s that’s how to get ahead here. So, yeah, that’s that’s my overall advice. You know, kind of for newer users is to spend their time reading, you know, voting on things that they like and commenting.

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Spencer: I agree with you 100% on that. I think that commenting on other people’s posts is huge and I really believe that, like you said, thoughtful comments. Read their posts and check it out. I am always thrilled when people comment on my posts, and I take the time I reply to them and everything. And that’s one thing that I sometimes struggle with too, is I, you know, you’re working so hard to put out a good post and to write this content that later on you don’t really think about going on and commenting on other people’s posts. But like you said early on in this interview here when we were talking about Steem and Steemit, if we help other people succeed then we succeed as well because as more people come in this price of Steem will, hopefully, go up.

We have a closer knit community, and by commenting on other people’s posts you get your name out there, and you become part of this community. And it’s like, we’re all friends now because we’re commenting on each other’s posts because we’re helping each other. Comments help with, like you said, Steem rank and everything and so if so you comment on other people’s posts that helps their post. You give them your upvote that helps them. They know you. It is just a wonderful thing. That is something that we really need more of on Steemit, and on this platform, is less of those spam posts that people just throw up there thinking that people they’re gonna make money and more genuine quality content.

Well, Matt, thank you so much for taking the time to do this video for answering all these questions for being here today with us. I really enjoyed it! I think that our viewers will enjoy it as well. Hopefully, they’ll learn a lot from it. And that’s one thing that to point out to all them Matt and I, we, are here to help you grow on Steemit. I mean, that’s why he spent so much time creating that amazing tool the Steem Bot Tracker. That’s the purpose of these videos with Steemit Videos, YouTube, and and Steemitvideos account is to help you learn how to be successful on Steemit. Because we know that by helping you, everybody will become more successful. Obviously, through the growth and value rising of the Steem Dollar.

Now, by helping you, we hope that, you know, you’re gonna reciprocate and be thankful and help us grow as well. But we really want to help you. So that is a great point. If you can create content that will help other people grow and will help them do something like Steem Bot Tracker, he’s provided a service it’s an amazing service. If you can do something like that, provide something that will really help. Then other people are going to share it simply because it is helpful. So thanks again, Matt, for being here today, for doing this interview.

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Matt: Yeah. Thank you again. I really appreciate the opportunity to do this and like I said it’s it’s my first official Steem video interview. So, you know, if anyone who watches it, please let me know, you know, how I did. And, definitely, if there’s any questions, or you want to know more anyone can feel free to reach out to me there. You know, commenting on one of my posts, or on Steem chat, or also on discord. I usually, you can you can private message me on the planet discord server or a number of other discord servers. And, you know, I’m not always available, but I do what I can to try to help out for people who are legitimately asking questions and help. But please don’t just send posts for me to upvote. I won’t do that, but if you just want to talk and get some advice, I’ll do that as much as I can. Thanks again.

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Spencer: Well, you’re welcome, and we’ll talk to you another time. I can definitely vouch that if you have any questions, or any comments, or anything on this video, on anything that Matt said, on any of his posts, or anything, if you reach out to him he will get back to you because he got back to me. And if you have any questions or feedback pertaining to this video drop it down in the comments below. If you have any questions on anything he or said anything like that put it in the comments. There’ll also be a post on Steemit with this video in it. You can put comments on there or on YouTube. We’ll both get back to you, and if you have a comment for me and it’s on YouTube, I can relay that to Matt and put the feedback there. But somehow, one way or another, we will get back to you.

You can also, like he said, reach out to him on his post, follow him on Steemit for sure, and you can upvote him as a witness. That’s something that is pretty cool that he’s doing. Vote for him as a witness. Use the Steem Bot Tracker. Follow him on Steemit for his updates. Comment on some of his posts with some thoughtful comments. Comment on this video, and you can also reach out to me if you have any questions. On Steemit chat, which I’m really kind of not on too much, or discord, which I’m on all the time. Private message him or I, we will get back to you. No problem. If you have any questions, if you want to be interviewed, feel free to reach out to me. I mean, we can do that, set that up, make a good case though,

In addition, if this is your first time on this channel, I would love to have you subscribe. We’ve got all kinds of videos, all kinds of tools, and information that is 100% dedicated to helping you grow and become more efficient so that you can make more money online. Until next time.

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