Diet fads come and go like the changing of the wind. However, one thing that is consistent in all of those diet plans is that they are low carb. Virtually every weight loss diet tells you to avoid carbs.

Therefore, a few questions that people struggle with when learning that they need to cut the carbs in order to lose weight are: Why do I need to avoid carbs? Do I need to cut all carbs? And, does it work?

The answers to those questions are very straightforward. Yet, many people still don’t seem to believe them.

However, if they would try it, then they would have no trouble accepting the answer.

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Why Carbs Are Bad For You

Carbohydrates are nothing but air and starch. When you eat them, they fill up your stomach very quickly due to the yeast expanding in your gut. This provides you with a feeling of satiety.

However, it doesn’t last long and can even become uncomfortable. Ever had pizza and root beer and then felt really full afterward? Yeah, too much yeast expanding in your gut. These carbs are burned up instantly because there is no substantial nutrition in them.

As a result, you will no doubt feel hungry again in a couple of hours. You may ask why this is a bad thing. After all, eating every couple of hours is an excellent way to keep your metabolism going and may help you lose weight.

However, even though carbs are used up right away. They are not used for good things.

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Since your body doesn’t know what to do with carbs, it simply files them away in the junk drawer. Carbs really have no nutritional value. Therefore, your body quickly converts them into fat cells and stores them away.

Your body’s goal is to get that junk processed and out of the way as quickly as possible in hopes that some “real” food is on the way. That is why you will feel hungry soon after eating carbs. Your body is waiting for something good that it can process and absorb more slowly.

It wants proper nutrition and is waiting for you to eat. Therefore, if you avoid carbs and only eat good food, then your body will be much better off.

Eating too many carbs can cause all kinds of health problems. People who eat a lot of carbs can very easily become obese. In addition, they are at a higher risk for diabetes and heart problems.

Think about it, the heart of a 300 pounder has to work a lot harder to get blood to all of that body mass than the heart of someone of average weight. Many carbs also have a lot of sugar, which is terrible for your body in so many ways.

Not to mention that virtually all carbs have been processed in some way, shape, or form and processed foods are not good for you either.

Basically, Unless you are eating straight wheat berries and grinding your own flour you are eating pure junk. This is why it is so important for you to avoid carbs, especially processed carbs.

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Should You Avoid All Carbs

Avoiding carbs can be a difficult task and after a couple of weeks of doing so you will begin to crave carbs like you wouldn’t believe. The reason for this is that yeast produces a live being in your body called Candida.

When you stop eating carbs the Candida has nothing to eat. As a result, it begins to starve and starts to die off. This is a good thing because Candida can cause all kinds of problems for your body.

However, when it starts to die, you will begin to crave carbs. Organisms want to live. The question is, whether or not your willpower is stronger than your willpower. If you can make it through a week or two of craving carbs then the Candida in your body will soon give up.

It won’t be long before it dies out and then you will no longer have that hankering for carbs.

Here Are Some Great Foods For You To Eat

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That being said, you can still consume some forms of carbs because some carbohydrates can be good for your body. As you know, carbs can provide a quick burst of energy and satiety.

In addition, if you eat whole grains then you will also be getting some great fiber and nutritional value. However, you need to be careful to limit your intake of carbs.

Even though they are good carbs, if you start indulging in too many of them, then you will be right back where you started.

Therefore, try to avoid carbs as much as possible and when you do eat them, try to eat whole grains and only in moderation.

How Cutting Carbs Sheds Pounds


In the simplest reasoning possible here is why cutting the carbs can help you lose weight. As you read earlier, carbohydrates are stored in your body as fat cells. Therefore, carbs directly contribute to weight gain.

The opposite of weight gain is weight loss. If carbs contribute to weight gain then you need to eat the opposite of carbs. That means you need to avoid carbs to promote weight loss. Of course, it’s not that simple.

You also need to make sure that you are providing your body with the proper nutrients so that it will start using those nutrients. Once your body gets used to good food, it will start to clean itself by getting rid of all of that stored junk.

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Basically, once you give your body a taste of the good life, it never wants to go back to eating and storing junk. Sort of like when you decide to clean out the attics and get rid of all your old stuff.

Your body decides to start clearing out all of the stored away fat cells that it no longer needs. As a result, you will start dropping pounds.

This is why it is so important for you to eat right when you are trying to avoid carbs. Feed your body a high protein diet with lots of vegetables and try to avoid sugar and processed foods as much as possible.

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It is important to realize that once you decide to start avoiding carbs your body will resist and you may not feel very good for a few weeks. Remember, this is a good thing because the Candida in your body is dying. Stay strong and beat it out and in no time you will start to really feel great and have a lot more energy as well.

An ironic aspect of this is that once you rid your body of that nasty Candida and start consuming good, healthy, food you will feel sick when eating junk food. Essentially, your poles will reverse and your body will want the good food so that when you feed it junk it will make you feel sick in hopes that you won’t do it again.

If you have reached this point then you are well on your way to a healthier you.


Wrapping Up

Basically, carbs are bad for you on so many levels. Therefore, it is best to avoid cabs if at all possible. Sure, your body needs fiber, but you can get fiber from many other sources such as fruits and vegetables.

If you want to eat some carbs then make sure you are eating whole grains so that there is some nutritional value. It is important to supplement your diet with these whole grains and “good” carbs to give yourself a little variety.

However, don’t go overboard. Remember, too many carbs leads to weight gain and all kinds of health problems. Therefore, try to avoid carbs as much as possible, especially when you crave them.

Provide your body with a good high protein diet that is rich in vegetables and whole foods. Stick to this and you will feel healthier and have more energy in no time.

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