47 Press Release Directories – Submit Your Press Release

47 Press Release Directories – Submit Your Press Release Spencer Coffman

If you’re looking for a place to submit your press release without having to spend a lot of money then this list is for you. Here are 47 great press release directories where you can submit your press release. In all reality, there are 50 sites in this list, however, it is always possible that a few of them may not work for you.

Go ahead and start clicking down the list and finding the organizations that are closest to your niche. Always submit your press release to those organizations first. In addition, space out your submissions at least 3 days apart and submit to no more than 10 organizations per day. For more information on how to effectively submit your press release so that it achieves maximum results check out this article on leveraging your press release.

If, by some chance, you haven’t written your press release and need some help writing a killer press release then go here. You may also want to check out this free press release template. Otherwise, if you’re all set, here are 47 press release directories that you can use.

Good Luck!











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There you have it! Hopefully, you will be able to submit your press releases on some of these sites. It may take some patience trying to figure out where to go on the site and whether or not there is a charge to submit your press release, but stick with it. If you find anything out or have any sites you think should be added to the list let everyone know in the Facebook Group.

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