Hopefully you have already read Affiliate Marketing Expert by Spencer Coffman. If you haven’t, then check it out because the Affiliate Marketing Expert Mind Map is here to supplement the eBook. Simply follow the flow chart from the center outward and use the information here along with what you learned in the eBook to help you with your affiliate marketing endeavors.

In case a flow chart is not for you, there is an excellent list version of the Affiliate Marketing Expert Mind Map below. Simply read it from the top down and you will be well on your way to getting started with affiliate marketing!

New Mind Map
Affiliate Marketing Expert

Examine Your Situation

Do you have the time to dedicate two hours every other day to your business?

Are you in need of some extra cash?

Are you patient and willing to work more now to receive a higher payoff later?

Do you enjoy learning and working on the computer?
Would you like to be your own boss and be financially free in three to five years?
Know What You’re Getting Into
Starting an affiliate marketing business is going to take time and effort.
You are going to have to conduct a lot of research.
You need to invest the money you make back into the business.
It may be three to five years before you start seeing “real” payouts.
Be Prepared For A Challenge
Unless you invest a lot of money right away, you won’t make huge returns right away.
That means it will take time.
For a while, you will be working a lot more with little reward.
You are building “sweat equity” for the future.
Expect setbacks and deal with them accordingly, don’t let them stop you!
Find Your Product/Niche
Find your product BEFORE you start anything else.
Select a product that you know you can sell.
Start with a smaller niche.
Be very specific and honed in.
Try to solve a problem or provide a solution.
Needs to be a product you like and believe in.
Needs to be something that you know about and can write about.
Look for something with a proven track record.
Find another successful business model and see how you can copy it.
Develop A Marketing Plan
Is it a physical or digital product? 
This will determine how you promote it.
Are you going to go door to door, sell to family, friends, and co-workers?
You need a website. Will it be your own or will you use a web 2.0.
Get your domain name.
Get a hosting account.
Build your website.
Get yourself on social media.
Use your personal profiles to promote.
Create pages, boards, blogs, et cetera for your business.
Consider email marketing.
Set Up Your Sales Page
Make it long and narrow so they keep scrolling.
Use action colors as well as trustworthy colors.
Make sure your text is persuasive and has a strong hook.
Relate to the reader, make them feel like you understand them.
Show them how they need your product.
Solve a problem.
Improve their life.
Make things easier.
Place nice buy buttons on the bottom of the page.
Start posting everywhere that you can.
Write blog posts and get others to link back to you.
Consider paid advertising on Google or Facebook.
Use videos on your site to keep viewers engaged.
Get some press release and magazine shout outs.
Tell everyone you know and ask them to spread the word.
Created by Spencer Coffman

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