Hopefully, you have already read Relax And Unwind by Spencer Coffman. If you haven’t, then check it out because this Relax And Unwind Mind Map is here to supplement the eBook. Simply follow the flow chart from the center outward and use the information here along with what you learned in the eBook to help make your life easier.

In case a flow chart is not for you, there is an excellent list version of the Relax And unwind Mind Map below. Simply read it from the top down and you will be well on your way to simplifying your life!

Relax And Unwind
Relax And Unwind
Clear Space
Create a budget and get on top of your finances.
Come up with a morning and evening routine.
Give yourself time to come around.
Meditate for 10 minutes.
Read the paper.
Pack for tomorrow in the evening.
Exercise in the morning.
Write a journal.
Try to tire yourself out less with TV, phones and other stimulating media that you don’t need.
Manage your energy – your energy is finite just as your time is.
Throw out things you don’t need.
Learn when your body is most tired and when it is most energetic.
Reduce decision fatigue by making fewer unimportant decisions.
Tidy your home and introduce systems that will help you keep it tidy.
Calm Your Mind
Focus on the things that make you happiest.
Give your loved ones your full attention.
Have a gratitude attitude – make a note of things for which you’re grateful.
Learn to be in the moment and stop worrying about things that you can’t affect right now.
Practice meditation – this will teach you to better control your mind.
Use positive affirmations.
If you struggle with meditation, try using meditative activities like reading, drawing or going for walks.
Learn CBT to remove negative thoughts.
Do more things that you are passionate about – they will naturally envelop your full attention.
Improve Your Health
Introduce exercise into your regime – it will improve your mood and energy levels.
Eat healthy, nutritious foods that can boost your levels of serotonin and raise your mood.
Get more sleep.
Use a daylight lamp to wake yourself as naturally as possible.
Forget your stresses.
Create a dark environment.
Have quiet time before bed.
Assess Your Life
Assess the main things that are causing you stress.
Look at what is taking up the most of your time and energy.
Identify your goals and the things you want to achieve.
Be honest with yourself and appraise things that could be better.
Make a note of failures you’ve made in the past that are taking up your time.
Look at what makes you happiest and what you want to do more of.
Start To Prioritize
Cut out toxic people from your life. We don’t have time for people who don’t make us happy!
Add things you want to do to your calendar. Treat these dates as indelible!
Learn to start saying ‘no’ to invitations that don’t interest you.
Created by Spencer Coffman

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