Hopefully you have already read Work Less Live More by Spencer Coffman. If you haven’t, then check it out because the Work Less Live More Mind Map is here to supplement the eBook. Simply follow the flow chart from the center outward and use the information here along with what you learned in the eBook to help you prioritize your life so you can become more efficient and start to work less and live more!

In case a flow chart is not for you, there is an excellent list version of the Work Less Live More Mind Map below. Simply read it from the top down and you will be well on your way to living a more efficient lifestyle!

New Mind Map
Work Less Live More
Do Before Work
Organize Your Calendar
List Your Tasks
Check Your Agenda Weeks Ahead
Use An App To Help You
Control Your Phone
Silence Your Phone When You Need To Focus
Turn Off Sounds To Prevent Distraction
Separate Personal From Work
Use Neutral Ringtones
Manage Your Workspace
Know Where Everything Is
Keep It Clean
Tidy Up At The End Of The Day
Keep Everything In Good Working Order
Prepare For Work While At Home
Eat A Good Breakfast
Be Cognizant Of Your Commute
Get Everything Laid Out The Night Before
Get Into The Work Mindset
Do During Work
Computer Protection
Have Good Protective Software
Secure Sensitive Data
Keep Everything Updated
Perform Regular Maintenance
Keep Regular Backups
Computer Use
Learn Short Cut Commands
Organize Your Files
Use Browser Bookmarks
Close Unused Tabs And Windows
Save Regularly
Know Yourself
Know When You Are Most Productive
Take Time To Stretch
Clear Your Mind
Get Up And Walk Around
Relating With Others
Get Everything Done During The Meeting
Keep Interactions Focused On Work
Specifically Assign Tasks
Maintain Good Work Relationships
Not To Do During Work
Personal Computer Use
Don’t Watch Videos
Stay Off Personal Social Media
No Web Surfing
Don’t Let Others Distract You
Don’t Distract Others
Don’t Distract Yourself
Do After Work
Keep It Clean
Put Everything Away
Clean Up The Workspace
Power Down
Shut Down Your Computer
Power Off Everything You Can
Do In General
Your Life At Home
Find A Way To Unwind
Listen To Good Music
Exercise When Possible
Get Some R & R
Your Paperwork
Stay On Top Of Your Accounts
Keep Up With Expiration Dates
Keep Things Organized
Be Social Once In A While
Hang Out With Others
Stay Electronic
Home-Based Workers
Get In The Zone
Put Yourself In Work Mode
Inform Others When You Are Working
Establish A Routine
Plan Your Tasks
Focus On Work
Separate Work From Home
Dedicate Your Time
Avoid Burning Yourself Out
Work In A Separate Space
Dress For Work
Use Technology And A Network
Invest In Good Tools To Help You
Engage In A Support Network
Use Freelancers To Help
Know Yourself
Stop If You Aren’t Up To It
Change The Scenery
Take Frequent Brakes
Know When You Are Ready To Work
created by Spencer Coffman

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