Growing your followers on Steemit can be a tricky thing to do. However, if you know what you’re doing then you can grow a lot faster. Yabamatt has a sure method of growing on Steemit and getting people to follow you.

Watch this video to find out how Yabapmatt reached his first 1000 followers on Steemit. If videos aren’t your thing, then check out the transcript below to read all about how you can reach 1000 followers as well!

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching this YouTube channel. It’s all about making information known to you. Today, we’ve got a special preview for you of an interview with Steemit whale @Yabapmatt. Take a look at this question – coming up next.

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Spencer: So you have grown to be very large on Steemit. Do you remember what you did, or how you got your first thousand followers?

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Matt: My first thousand followers. I guess really it was, yeah, I built a tool that a lot of people liked and a lot of people used. And, I promoted it. So that’s that’s key. I mean, you know, if you build it, they don’t just necessarily come. And I think that’s a lot of the frustration that people have on Steem. They think, ‘oh I’ll go and put something up that’s neat, or I’ll write great content,’ and they just expect everyone to come and all these votes to come, but it doesn’t work like that. You gotta really promote what you’re doing. And, you know, it just so happens that what I built also helps with that type of promotion.

Spencer: So building that tool was the success that gave you those thousand followers. And that is very important. Like you said when you build something people don’t necessarily follow and go there. Like, you can write the best blog content in the world, but if no one is there to see it, it’s the worst. And that is where promotion really comes in, and there are a ton of people on Steemit that say that self-promotion is terrible. But to them, I say, ‘how can you tell other people about your stuff if you’re not promoting it?’ You have to do some self-promotion. Obviously, you don’t want to spam things. But I think that that is key, and promoting things really is the way to get it out there. So, yes, create something great and promote it and you did that very well, and you’re now over 4,000 followers.

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Spencer: So that was it. I hope you learned something from it. Be sure to check out the full interview for all the questions, more information, and a lot more of an in-depth look at everything. Also follow @yabapmatt@SpencerCoffman, and the @steemitvideos accounts on Steemit. Make use of SteemBotTracker and all those other tools that yabapmatt provides. In addition, if you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below. He or I will get back to you, and hopefully, you can learn even more from us. Also, if this is your first time on this channel I would love to have you subscribe. It’s all about making information known to you, teaching you the things that you need to know in order to be successful online. Until next time.

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