Work Less Live More Checklist By Spencer Coffman

You’ve read the book, Work Less Live More by Spencer Coffman, now it’s time to start putting those productivity tips into action. It’s time to start working hard to increase your productivity so you can start working less and living more.


To do that, you’re going to need to remember everything you’ve learned and make it a reality in your life. That’s where the Work Less Live More Checklist will come in handy. Work through this selection, and you should be a lot closer to achieving the kind of lifestyle you want and gaining the kind of calm and peace that is so elusive in the modern age. You’ll be able to make things more efficient so you can start to relax.


In the full book, we discussed 101 different ways that you can make your life more efficient and productive. You learned, in detail, how to make those suggestions a reality. This checklist will serve as sort of an outline for the book so that you will be able to keep all of these tips and ideas right at your fingertips.


Of course, this is only a checklist. You’ll still need to read through the full book if you want to be as productive as you can possibly be. Anyway, here is the Work Less Live More Checklist.


Do Before Work

This section has 19 great tips for you to do before you begin your workday. These great productivity tips will help you plan your day so you can be ready for anything that happens. They will help you to be more efficient and productive. Of course, you don’t need to apply all 19. However, try to do as many as possible. Here are a few of the more popular recommendations.

  • Organize Your Calendar
    • List Your Tasks
    • Check Your Agenda Weeks Ahead
    • Use An App To Help You
  • Control Your Phone
    • Silence Your Phone When You Need To Focus
    • Turn Off Sounds To Prevent Distraction
    • Separate Personal From Work
    • Use Neutral Ringtones
  • Manage Your Workspace
    • Know Where Everything Is
    • Keep It Clean
    • Tidy Up At The End Of The Day
    • Keep Everything In Good Working Order
  • Prepare For Work While At Home
    • Eat A Good Breakfast
    • Be Cognizant Of Your Commute
    • Get Everything Laid Out The Night Before
    • Get Into The Work Mindset

Do During Work

Here is a section of 33 great tips that you can apply while you are at work to help you have a more productive and stress-free workday. Of course, implementing these will take some time and effort. But it will be worth it due to the time and energy you will save later on.

  • Computer Protection
    • Have Good Protective Software
    • Secure Sensitive Data
    • Keep Everything Updated
    • Perform Regular Maintenance
    • Keep Regular Backups
  • Computer Use
    • Learn Short Cut Commands
    • Organize Your Files
    • Use Browser Bookmarks
    • Close Unused Tabs And Windows
    • Save Regularly
  • Know Yourself
    • Focus
    • Know When You Are Most Productive
    • Take Time To Stretch
    • Clear Your Mind
    • Get Up And Walk Around
  • Relating With Others
    • Get Everything Done During The Meeting
    • Keep Interactions Focused On Work
    • Specifically Assign Tasks
    • Maintain Good Work Relationships

Not To Do During Work

Pretty much everyone knows what not to do during work. However, unfortunately, this section is still necessary. I’ve kept it brief and it only contains 8 tips of things that you need to avoid during work.

  • Personal Computer Use
    • Don’t Watch Videos
    • Stay Off Personal Social Media
    • No Web Surfing
  • Distractions
    • Don’t Let Others Distract You
    • Don’t Distract Others
    • Don’t Distract Yourself

Do After Work

Here is a short section of 7 great things that you can do after work to help you decompress. If you are interested in more things you can do to help you relax after work check out my other book, Relax And Unwind. It’s filled with many strategies to help you unwind.

  • Keep It Clean
    • Put Everything Away
    • Clean Up The Workspace
  • Power Down
    • Shut Down Your Computer
    • Power Off Everything You Can

Do In General

Here is a section of 14 great things that you can do in general to help you lead a more productive and efficient life. They are pretty easy to implement but require a little more maintenance than the tasks in the other sections.

  • Your Life At Home
    • Find A Way To Unwind
    • Listen To Good Music
    • Exercise When Possible
    • Get Some R & R
  • Your Paperwork
    • Stay On Top Of Your Accounts
    • Keep Up With Expiration Dates
    • Keep Things Organized
  • Be Social Once In A While
    • Hang Out With Others
    • Stay Electronic

Home-Based Workers

Here is a section dedicated to the many of you that have a home office. Even though you work at home, it is still important to treat your workspace like you are going to a job. Therefore, this section has 19 things that you can do to help you be more productive at your home office.

  • Get In The Zone
    • Put Yourself In Work Mode
    • Inform Others When You Are Working
    • Establish A Routine
    • Plan Your Tasks
    • Focus On Work
  • Separate Work From Home
    • Dedicate Your Time
    • Avoid Burning Yourself Out
    • Work In A Separate Space
    • Dress For Work
  • Use Technology And A Network
    • Invest In Good Tools To Help You
    • Engage In A Support Network
    • Use Freelancers To Help
  • Know Yourself
    • Stop If You Aren’t Up To It
    • Change The Scenery
    • Take Frequent Brakes
    • Know When You Are Ready To Work

There you go! This checklist will help you stay on top of everything you learned from Work Less Live More. Of course, there are many more tips and lots of great details in the book. Therefore, if you haven’t read it yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Good Luck!

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